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GSG Sturmgewehr 44 in .22LR: new on CTD blog

My experience with the updated STG44-22.

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Redshirts, re-visited

Responding to my previous post, Howard noted another use of the term redshirt. I find the adoption of it curious, as the other patron of the redshirts, Garibaldi, volunteered his services to the North contingent on the immediate abolition of … Continue reading

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A bad day in the French countryside

When the bolt stays forward on your last machine pistol magazine, it’s going to be a bad day…but probably not for very long.

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Alternate history bifurication point?

With some minor but plausible changes on the Austrian side, could Prussia have lost the Sadowa battle in 1866? And, had they lost it, could it have ended their claim to preeminence among the German states, along with the ability … Continue reading

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Price comparisons

Just an idle thought: from 1900 to 1933, US dollar was worth roughly a pennyweight (1/20 troy ounce or 1.556 gram) of gold. As of today, gold trades for just under $43/gram. A dollar today buys about 67 times less … Continue reading

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Ink and Lead

“Treaties may be written in Ink, but they are ratified in Steel and Lead.” Appleseed

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Knowing and understanding the past is the first step to securing the future. Project Appleseed helps us understand how America came to be as a free country. They teach the basics of marksmanship, too.

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Girls just want to have fun.

Cimarron’s faithful (other than the caliber) copy of the original 1860 Henry rifle is an odd firearms. Loading it is rather unorthodox, the magazine follower is external and can interfere with the hold under the magazine. Lever movement makes holding … Continue reading

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The Old Issue

I am often reminded of Kipling lately. One I just heard capably performed by Leslie Fish: The Old Issue (the lyrics). You can get this and other Kipling poems set to music from her web site. The specific words that … Continue reading

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A Webley story

Linoge put up an overview of a .38 Webley revolver which actually improved on the official Webley book in terms of useful info.

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“Captain Alatriste”

I watched the movie last year. Over the last week, I read the first five books. Between the quality writing and the apparently well done translations, I really enjoyed them. The plot-wrangling takes a second place to the texture and … Continue reading

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The mad numerologists of gun-control

The push to restrict magazine capacity focuses on the apparently magic number “ten”. Reduce Americans to ten-round magazines and no more mass murder, they claim. Let’s look at where this leads. Ten rounds has been the standard capacity for military … Continue reading

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Selective Outrage?

The bombardment of Guernica in 1937 is in every history book. The more destructive and murderous bombardment of Copenhagen isn’t. Likewise, the current efforts to raise taxes are condemned but 1950s administrations got a free pass on the 90%+ top … Continue reading

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A journal I follow had a note: “Livejournal is blocked in Kyrgystan, Kazahkstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, so apologies for the long delay and if I have neglected you guys.” So there’s a definite USSR flavor to some segments of it. … Continue reading

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A very special MP40

This submachine gun is not like the others. Can you guess why?

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Fun Gun.

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Device 06H

Experimental German rifle made in 1944, the first of the roller-lock delayed blowback designes that eventually became CETME and HK .308s. This one is in 7.92×33. It’s crude, simple and works well. Recoil is minimal, with two distinct stages. Sights … Continue reading

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Language as a weapon.

Looking at the current conflicts, it seems that counties with common languages enjoy a major PR advantage in wartime. Countries like Albania and Georgia have to resort to other languages (English and Russian, respectively) to get their version of the … Continue reading

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1941 Soviet infantry manual in English

My friend Boris Karpa translated this historic manual and made it available in Kindle format (also readable on desktop with viewer programs). He’s an excellent translator and knows the topic, so I can vouch for the accuracy of the translation. … Continue reading

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Calling all local reenactors

If you are a WW2 reenactor in or near Nashville, please chime in. I need help with a project requiring American and German characters.

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