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California, 25 years later

The rifle, fed with stripper clips, is actually California-legal for now. The Glock as well, with 10-round magazines. Actual defense against rioters…not so sure. Urban cops might take the side of the looters. On the plus side, it seems that … Continue reading

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Fury Carry Solution: new on AllOutdoor

Kydex for the unusual.

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Carrying a pistol with armor and load-bearing vest: new on AllOutdoor

Fury Carry Solutions

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21st Century holster for 19th Century gun

My friend Linoge has a factory chromed 1896 model Mauser. The gun itself was made in the early 20th century, but the design predates the Second Boer War! He made a modern carry holster and clip carrier for it. As … Continue reading

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Holsters for unusual combinations of lights and sidearms

Quick, who makes mass-produced holsters for Bersa BP9CC and Viridian C5L combination? The sheet number of possible permutations of lights, lasers and pistols is so great, that custom makers like Leatherneck Tactical have a niche market. Designed by an active … Continue reading

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MA15 and LH9mk2

Ben is carrying MA15, Vortex 4-16x and an offset Razor red dot. LH9mk2 stays close to his side with a G-Code paddle holster. Same rifle with Vortex 1-4x and a +18 magazine extension. Slap backup sights on it and it … Continue reading

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Slimming Down for the Summer

While I prefer to carry full-sized sidearms, sometimes something slim and relatively light is more appropriate. For the longest time, I used a pouch made by a good friend. Made to my specifications back when I had little understanding of … Continue reading

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Ava and Flashbang

Kathy “Cornered Cat” Jackson introduced me to Looper holsters at SHOT show and I got several of them in the mail recently. In use photos will follow soon. Unisex Ava with Glock 23 Feminine bra-mounted Flashbang with Keltec PF9.

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Holster for teaching.

Later this week, I will be instructing a friend in the use of handguns. She is over 60, has small arthritic hands and has never used a firearm before. She’s taking her required carry course over the weekend. Her loving … Continue reading

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Custom Kydex

This small of the back holster was designed by my friend Chris back when he worked as an Air Marshal. He specializes in deep concealment holster, mag pouches and knife sheaths. All his holsters are truly custom, made to your … Continue reading

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Slower on her feet, no slower on the draw.

Given the typical attraction of predators to injured prey, contingency planning is prudent. P3AT | IWB Bladetech holster

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Holsters for P3AT and Charter Undercover

Sideguard | Bladetech | HPR

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