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Intruders? Give them something to bleed about!

Anything that gets merely scared off will keep preying on innocent people. Buckshot adjusts attitudes more reliably.

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Pump shotgun in competent hands

Nighthawk 12ga, Winchester PDX segmented slugs and slug & buck.  

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Two signs of well-involved parents

Personal firearms (and training in their use), and braces. Both give kids a cause for smiling. Remington 870 Youth 20ga in pink camo. Around here, it actually fits pretty well with faded yellowish grass.

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Ithaca scattergun

Ithaca 37 is an unusual design because both John Browning and John Pedersen, normally competitors, contributed to its design. It both feeds and ejects from the bottom, making it friendly to right and left handed shooters. An older home defense … Continue reading

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Nice thing about bullpups

The fit, in ready to use mode, containers in which nobody would expect a long gun. Very handy when a conventional long gun case would attract too much attention. In this case, a KSG and 40 Brenneke slugs (15 internally) … Continue reading

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Strange shotgun

Mossberg 500 shotgun converted to take Saiga 12 magazines.

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CZ612HC-P with Lucid red dot

612HC-P | Lucid M7 A nice combination on a budget.

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KSG vs. UTS15

New on AllOutdoor.

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Let me play you the song of my people

Lauren is a professional classical musician. She plays a two hundred year old fiddle. She is very good. While she’s a trained martial artist, she’d rather not fight with bare hands. An injury would damage or end her career. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Crowdsourced shotgun

A friend recently gave me an 870 shotgun. It lacked only a few important details, like the barrel or the intact buttstock. Fortunately, 870 is like an AR15 in terms of parts availability. A few days later, another friend took … Continue reading

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Prepared shotgunner

Comp-Tac 6-shell carrier. I like how it works.

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Keep ammo where it belongs.

Sidesaddles are bulky, and most people I know don’t wear shotshell carriers or ammo belts around the house or in a vehicle. Hence, the KSG.

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Independent women.

In my long quest for a mate, I found that only independent women are interesting. Those who were wards of others — either incapable of independent judgement, or of feeding, sheltering or defending themselves — were not only uninteresting but … Continue reading

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Trijicon Reflex 1×42

I finally found a good sight for the KSG: fiber optic Reflex. It holds the recoil of slugs fine, has a wide field of view and a bright reticle. Fiber optic/tritium illumimation means I do not have to remember to … Continue reading

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Seen at the range today

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