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Somebody’s Christmas Present

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A right and a responsibility.

Ukrainian translation of my poster about self-defense.

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Tired reader

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Once an object of desire, now a functional antique

An Olympus Pen F half-frame, a real classic. Once upon a time, nearly twenty years ago, I really wanted one of these but couldn’t justify the price. One of the major features, for me, was the default vertical framing. Getting … Continue reading

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The home of my parents is always full of flowers.

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Beretta Centurion and red dress

Some of my firearms industry partners are more flamboyant than others. This lady co-owns a custom rifle company. Her husband did the cerakote work on the pistol.

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Intruders? Give them something to bleed about!

Anything that gets merely scared off will keep preying on innocent people. Buckshot adjusts attitudes more reliably.

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Serious kid


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Poor Yorick and other skulls

“My dearest deer…” “Drink up!”

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Why have a light rifle?

To carry the balance of the weight in ammunition, of course! Volquartsen Ultralite .22¬†action in Blackhawk Axiom stock. The sight is a C-More attached¬†sideways in a custom mount. Black Dog Machine drum with 50 rounds. And a Ruger 22/45 Lite … Continue reading

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Mein Kline Amie

Writer Amie Gibbons.  

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The contemplation of St.Ballistica

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Rimfire trainers have been popular for a long time.

1903 Springfield trainer in .22LR

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More than the sum of its parts

Take one Sideguard holster for a .32 S&W J frame revolver. Add a cute girl. Pure ecstasy?  

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Redshirts, re-visited

Responding to my previous post, Howard noted another use of the term redshirt. I find the adoption of it curious, as the other patron of the redshirts, Garibaldi, volunteered his services to the North contingent on the immediate abolition of … Continue reading

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Springfield M1A

My friend Red likes rifles.

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Valentines Day is coming.

Practice your knots!

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Little Red

Could you guess her age from the photo?

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The inexplicable ban on purely defensive guns

The two derringers she’s holding are chambered in .22 Short. They through a 27-29gr bullets at about 700fps, enough for 6-8 inches of penetration in flesh. Due to the minimal sights, they can be aimed reliably only at a fairly … Continue reading

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Natural camouflage

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