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Mutual support

Went to Horse Quarters with friends today. Took quite a few photos of horseback riding. Also got a little marksmanship instructing done. SU22 with PA micro dot (very useful as two of three shooters today were cross-eye dominant) and AAC … Continue reading

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Using rimfire rifles for self-defense

New post up on the CTD blog: Quantity has a Quality of its Own.

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Canned goods and ammunition.

Many people who grew up during the Great Depression hoard food. Those who grew up during the 1994-2004 ban on modern firearm features hoard magazines. They also treat magazines as durable rather than disposable parts. With that in mind, Black … Continue reading

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JARD .22 upper

The charging handle is attached to the bolt carrier, so the receiver back is completely enclosed. Uses BDM magazines. The return spring is in the bolt, so a folding stock (not shown) is possible on this and also on JARD … Continue reading

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