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Steyr and Lace

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The long and the short of ATI SX2 12ga shotgun: new on AllOutdoor

Performance notes on a two-barrel set

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“I just want my M14!”

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Moriah Combs shoots Origin 12

Full power slugs fired from this shotgun feel much like shooting an AK47. Low recoil and rifle-like manual of arms make it my top choice among shoothbores. Moriah Combs runs it like a pro. Today, about 1400 Brenneke slugs arrived, … Continue reading

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That’s crazy talk!

Blaming the sane and the law-abiding for crimes of the crazy and the criminal is a pretty good indication of a mental disorder. Should such people even be holding public offices?

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North American Arms Factory Tour: new at AllOutdoor.

Manufacturing and gun culture symbiosis 

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Hi-Point 380ACP Carbine: new on AllOutdoor

Odd specifications, good performance.

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Rimfire rifles, big and small

Ruger 10-22 Takedown with NC Star Octagon 1.1-4x scope. Keystone 722 Varmint with the bundled Simmons 3-9x scope. A very extensive article on the various 722 models is coming out at American Shooting Journal this summer. Rimfire Central folks are … Continue reading

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You’d be making noise either way

(Beretta 1301 Comp in a recoil-reducing stock)

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MM10X rifle: new on AllOutdoor

An early look at the next best thing in 7.62×39

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One shotgun, two barrels

American Tactical imports TAC SX2 shotgun. They offer it as a set with two barrels, a 28″ tube with chokes for bird hunting and an 18.5″ cylinder bore for in-house disputes with unbidden guests. In the near future, I will … Continue reading

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Between a 12ga semi-auto and a redhead…

…I’d say the ginger would be far scarier!

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If .223 is for poodle-shooting…

…the .308 must be for hellhounds? Aero Precision 308 carbine with Viridian V300 power zoom laser illuminator and Vortex 1-6x scope.

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Trijicon MRO in use

Smith & Wesson MP15-22 with cut down Plinker Tactical magazines (35 rounds down to 20, for shooting prone). The sight is Trijicon MRO provided to Alexis by the maker. I was quite impressed with it — the controls are simple … Continue reading

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Volquartsen solution for the left-handed.

Volquartsen Ultra Lite .22 is an awesome rifle, but the thumbhole stock is fairly long and designed purely for right-handed users. Fortunately, one minute with a screwdriver puts on an even lighter Hogue stock which is shorter and ambidextrous. Add … Continue reading

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A well-appointed Saiga 12

A friend brought his shotgun today and I was very impressed with how well it was set up. The sight radius is much longer than on the original gun, and ghost ring and circular protective hood around the front post … Continue reading

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Personal weapons can be quite personal.

Back: my stock CZ SP01.  Front: friend’s custom SP01 with a trigger job and slightly less somber finish. I went to the store with CZ75SA in mind, ended up getting SP01 because it felt perfect in the hand. 75SA came … Continue reading

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Maddie gets her guns

Maddie is Cheyenne’s younger sister. At 11, she’s already a competitive shooter.

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New edits of old photos (nsfw)

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A rifle for grizzly?

Since a single shot rifle with .22 Long cartridge was enough to drop a record-size grizzly, does this mean thirty rounds of  22WMR would suffice for a whole herd of dinosaurs?    

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