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What’s in the tin?

Did she bring enough for everyone? A slightly exaggerated rendition of both effect and capacity, but a neat movie fragment nonetheless.

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“This machine kills Fascists”

Works on Commies of various stripes, too. Peace and Love, right?

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Once an object of desire…

…until the first time I tried it. Turned out, Beretta 12S is an ergonomic nightmare, with badly designed sights and safety. The back-pressure from the sound suppressor also threw gunk into the user’s face from the ejection port. Had submachine … Continue reading

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Cheese? Free Ammo!

That’s the way to get a smile:

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Girl’s fallen in with baaaaad company

Just look at those rogues! And the result? She’s running hippie-blessed 5.56mm instead of the good ol’ orthodox 7.62mm like a man! Disgusting, don’t you think?

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Self-identification matters

I identify as an American. My Thompson identifies as a Chicago typewriter. It’s a First Amendment matter now.

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Two new videos

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Road blocked ahead by trash?

I’ve brought a broom.

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Even with the 0-1-2 trigger group, the run moves more to the right than open bolt M3 Grease Gun. Closed bolt is better for semi-auto, but seems to be a waste for automatic.

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Not a flash, but a bright flame

Sig MPX submachine gun mid-burst.

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“Get weapons of war off the streets!”

The title is a typical rallying cry of anti-freedom politicians. We know they are lying. But let’s pretend, just for a moment, that they aren’t. If they really mean to restrict only weapons of war, then we are looking at one of two … Continue reading

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She’s no mechanic!

She may have a grease gun, but the cars she serviced catch fire more than they run…

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Just returned from 2015 Tennessee Bulletfest

Saw old friends, met new people, tried a few guns, enjoyed the company of awesome people amid rare arms and armor.

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Girls having fun


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“For among other evils which being unarmed brings you, it causes you to be despised” ~Machiavelli

Being armed does not guarantee either safety or victory, but being unarmed by choice or disarmed by lies, coercion or custom pretty much guarantees eventual ruin or dependency. The options are then limited to extinction like the dodo or essentially turning … Continue reading

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TAC range in Knoxville is under new ownership

The range time is reasonably priced, the facility is clean and well-ventilated, and they offer courses for improving proficiency. This time of year (and during the hottest summer), I’d rather shoot indoors. And they rent submachine guns (Uzi, Sterling, Sten, … Continue reading

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Maturity isn’t just a function of age.

Sydney is a competitive shooter. I’d rather have her around than many chronologically adult people who haven’t a fraction of her maturity, education and ability. Of course, there are times when she acts like the 14 year old that she … Continue reading

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“Это пять!”

In Russian, school grades go from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). So the expression “It’s a five!” represents approval. This MP is definitely a five! (another MAD submachine gun)

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