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vz58 Liberty model in Dillon Blue Press

My review of the clip-fed California/New York version of vz58 is up at Dillon Blue Press, page 48.

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California, 25 years later

The rifle, fed with stripper clips, is actually California-legal for now. The Glock as well, with 10-round magazines. Actual defense against rioters…not so sure. Urban cops might take the side of the looters. On the plus side, it seems that … Continue reading

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vz58: new at American Shooting Journal

Petite vz. 58 Bridges The Gap Between Submachine Gun And Rifle

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Cool vz58 tshirts

If you like vz58 rifles, this tshirt is for you: Get it from Czechpoint.  

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Which gun for a lady?

Both vz58 and “Pure Estrogen” AR15 are light, short and have good triggers. Neither has much kick. On the other hand, the last couple of women I encountered favored M1A, SKS and FS2000…so much for trying pick shoes, handbags and … Continue reading

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Why aren’t most muzzle devices attached like this?

When I first got vz58 in .223, it arrived with an effective but loud muzzle brake. I deemed it unnecessary and wanted to replace it with a flash hider. Fortunately, ¬†at least four¬†different options are readily available. I got two … Continue reading

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I really like vz58 in .223

While 7.62×39 version is cute, tiny and pretty punchy, the .223 is more of an all-around fighting rifle. Using the same barrel blank as the 7.62, the 5.56mm version is more accurate, heats up slower and has less recoil. In … Continue reading

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Guns aren’t the solution…except when they are.

Opponents of firearms for effective self-defense tell others to run away from danger, to learn martial arts, or to “give the bad guy what he wants”. Not everyone can follow that advice…in fact, almost no one can. Least of all, … Continue reading

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Sweet 16

And a sweet 58, too.

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vz58 in anti-Communist hands

The rifle is from Czechpoint.

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Pistol in a garter is silly. That’s where spare magazines go.

From Czechpoint photo shoot. In this instance, I’d worry more about the Gorgon stare and less about the minor firearm factors…

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Just the thing for the tight confines of a spaceship

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Composition in sepia

Rifle | pistol | holster

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Pretty is as pretty does

I used to view vz58 as a quaint design roughly analogous to AK47, but uglier. I’ve since become a fan: the rifle is shorter than an M1 carbine and no heavier, while shooting a more potent round with mild recoil. … Continue reading

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Shooting well at age 11.

Went to the range with friends today. Tried their guns and let them try mine. Fond out, for example, that .223 soft points don’t feed well from GI magazines but work just fine from PMags. (Firing on clays set up … Continue reading

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Range report…tomorrow

Went to On Target (turn off speakers before clicking — loud sound effects on that site) range today. Shot indoors for the first time in a year and it was a nice experience. Friendly and helpful staff, good ventilation and … Continue reading

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Best tools for riot control

A single lawful person with the will and the means to open fire would have stopped the UK pogroms in seconds. Mobs seldom loiter once repeating firearms are heard nearby…casualties among the rioters would have been instructive to their cohorts … Continue reading

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vz58 from Czechpoint. The gun and the magazines are lighter by far than any 7.62×39 AK variant. Shown with AFG2 and Primary Arms “M3” red dot. The sight mount is see-through for the iron sights. Ribbed part of the stock … Continue reading

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More from Lucky Gunner shoot

Lucky Gunner | Czechpoint | Advanced Armament

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