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She taking a dim view of something…

I wonder what that something is.  

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Tailhook pistol brace, Inland M1911A1 range report: two new on AllOutdoor

The Accurate Inland A pistol brace that actually works.

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Fighting doesn’t guarantee either victory or survival.

But inability to fight pretty much guarantees extinction or subjugation. “The Last Jew in Vinnytsia” history. A typical American Jew is a little harder to victimize: The same applies to other ethnic, religious, and behavioural minorities.  

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History you can touch

Inland M1 carbine and M1911A1.

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Thumbs up!


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Inland M1 carbines: new on Alloutdoor

Reproductions of WW2 models and variations on the theme.

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Maschinengewehr 42

A little carbine got him the buzzsaw. Fun to run, less fun to carry. Much harder on the ears.

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Three classic designs

All three are Inland Mfg. repros.  

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“Get weapons of war off the streets!”

The title is a typical rallying cry of anti-freedom politicians. We know they are lying. But let’s pretend, just for a moment, that they aren’t. If they really mean to restrict only weapons of war, then we are looking at one of two … Continue reading

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Attention, Nashville WW2 reenactors!

January 25-26, I will be working with Ron Norton on photos of really awesome reproductions of WW2 firearms. Who could be available to work with me in uniform? Also, if not available on those days but can work with me … Continue reading

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7.7mm Arisaka in Nashville

Does anyone have such a rifle available for me to borrow for photos?

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“Бог троицу любит”

“God loves the Trinity (in the “three of something” sense) — a Russian proverb. Panzerkampfwagen Drei

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Just returned from 2015 Tennessee Bulletfest

Saw old friends, met new people, tried a few guns, enjoyed the company of awesome people amid rare arms and armor.

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Which would be safer to kick?

Sometimes, we read about psychopaths who abuse animals before turning to humans. Strangely, most of them go after bunnies, kittens, puppies and other helpless creatures. very few of them seek the challenge of trying to abuse bulls, full-grown large dog … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Winter in Wartime

A Dutch WW2 movie about a family part of which helps a downed British airman, others…not so much. Well-scripted and well-acted. Plot – 9 Visuals – 7 (excellent action, good props other than people using decocked single action pistols to threaten others, … Continue reading

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Movie review: Secrets of War

A Dutch WW2 movie about three kids, one a son of a collaborator, another of a resister, the third a Jewish refugee. Well-scripted and well-acted. Plot – 9 Visuals – 9 Music – 9 (adds a lot to the mood) … Continue reading

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New edits of old photos (nsfw)

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“For among other evils which being unarmed brings you, it causes you to be despised” ~Machiavelli

Being armed does not guarantee either safety or victory, but being unarmed by choice or disarmed by lies, coercion or custom pretty much guarantees eventual ruin or dependency. The options are then limited to extinction like the dodo or essentially turning … Continue reading

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Film reviews

Kenau (2014), about an apocryphal hero of the real siege of Haarlem in 1572-73. Excellent visuals, good actors but spotty screenplay which comes across as genuine some of the time and as a farce at intervals. Just a slight tinge of … Continue reading

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Movie review: Fury

Definitely an impressive film. Enough to make the viewer move in the seat. Tremendously immersive, worth seeing on the big screen. Excellent lighting, good camera work, realistic weapon handling. Excellent special effects. Unfortunately, the depicted tactics were not realistic. Tiger … Continue reading

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