One of the reasons to stay out of New Jersey

Their gun laws are insane. I am not using the term lightly.

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7 Responses to One of the reasons to stay out of New Jersey

  1. MadMaxtheSniper@lj says:

    The most fucked-up state around here. No knife shows. No gun shows. Idiotic police. Pips driving like… maybe that’s why the gun laws are so strict, to keep them alive?

  2. Insane is putting it rather lightly.

    And some people, who are afraid of their own shadow, say NJ’s laws are way too lax.

  3. Steve says:

    Even more silly… From what I understand, the “Smart Gun” legislation has an exemption for Police, so they will not be required to comply.
    “If so-called “smart gun” technology — which would keep police guns from firing if they fall into the wrong hands — is ever created, it will be the only handgun a dealer may sell.”

  4. Mike B says:

    Hey, man. They gotta keep those gun crime statistics padded somehow. If we can’t include a 24 year old gang banger killed in a turf battle as a child killed due to gun crime, we have to find some other way to create gun crime numbers. And with a plethora of so-called “law abiding” citizens with guns, there’s a whole world of unexplored crime.

    It is kind of interesting that some states look to generate gun crime the same way some states look for new ways to tax people.

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  6. T.Stahl says:

    So insane that after reading it I felt blessed to be in Germany!!!

  7. vvova says:

    а не хотите сделать карты по всем штатам? старый плакатный метод, работает надёжно, только цвет выбрать, хорошим штатам-хороший, плохим плохой и надписьтипа не ходите дети в (******)плохие штаты гулять

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