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Coming to Dusseldorf, Germany

I will be visiting Dusseldorf again in mid-September. If you live there and would like to connect during my trip, please let me know. I’d like to see more of the city that the brief look I had around last … Continue reading

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Rossi Circuit Judge 45Colt/.410: new on AllOutdoor

What price versatility?

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Computer freezing up again.

Once two days ago. Twice yesterday. Three times so far today. Has to be physically unplugged for a few seconds before it will turn back on. Does it while idle or while in use. Always the same symptoms: the image … Continue reading

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Grace (noun)

And the results: Toys: GSG 1911-22 with AAC Pilot suppressor, Savage MKII-SR with Primary Arms 4-16x scope and Gemtech Alpine sound suppressor. Hydraulically dampened Vepr .308 with Aimpoint and X5L light/laser.

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Sharp-eyed little girl with a long reach.

Hannah, age 12, was doing 150 yard head shots on a silhouette target with basic 55gr ball ammunition. When the zombies come, I am hiding behind her.

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Restored heirloom

He overprinted the beat-up wood with grain, Cerakoted the metal to approximate the original appearance and clear-coated over the top for durability. The gun now literally looks better than it did when new.

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For those who seek Keltec rifles


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Photographer Matt at the range

When darkness falls and the Morlocks come out, he will be ready…if I remember the spare batteries.

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Yesterday at the range.

(Photo by Matt Vollman) Friend’s 410 Saiga. Great weather, good range company, plenty of ammunition, what’s not to like? I shot 3″ Brenneke slugs from 50 meters (55 yards). At a previous session at 25 yards, all slugs flew straight. … Continue reading

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Natural camouflage

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The Rifleman’s Shotgun: new at AllOutdoor

An overview of MKA1919 box magazine 12ga shotgun.

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Question for my writer friends.

Would Killer Nashville writer conference be worth-while for a beginner fantary/sci-fi writer?

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Little Pistolera

Kidnapping women and children would be a lot harder if carrying sidearms and knives was more common.

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WTB: mid-size sedan in Nashville, TN

A close friend wants to buy a mid-size sedan (preferably Honda or Toyota). Price range $5-6,000. What can be reasonably expected at that price? Does anyone know of specific recommended vehicles for sale.

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Revolvers for Rough Riding

The back of the front sight is not visible in these photos but it remains full contrast matte black. Slightly lighter rear sight helps de-emphasize it when aiming.

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New at AllOutdoor: Training with rimfire revolvers

Advantages of single and double action revolvers.

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The gun for backyard practice

Compared to my old Crossman air gun, it’s both heftier and sturdier, the installation of the CO2 cartridge is MUCH easier. The changeable 10-shot “cylinders” are anodized metal. The trigger pull is heavier than with the real gun and a … Continue reading

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An actual girly rifle

The point is, this rifle belongs to a girl. No pink furniture or Hello Kitty accents. So sorry to disappoint the traditionalists. At least Kyle is wearing the traditional boyish blue…except when trying to blend into the background.

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Defcon-grade cutie

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