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XR9-S in use

My colleague, make-up artist Tirzah, in combat trim. She can fight with pistol, knife or bare hands…but using a pistol is easier on the fingernails. The holster purse is from Gun Tote’n Mamas.

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Gremlin at rest

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Old snapshots of Danica

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Flower child

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A new source of written amusement

Balzac’s short stories and novels on-line. I was curious about an illustration for L’amie du Roi and decided to look up the story itself.

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Looking for new figure models

It’s been a while since I’ve worked with an inspiring model. If you are close enough to Nashville to stop by for a photo shoot or know somebody who would be interested and wouldn’t break my lens, please let me … Continue reading

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A scope for a deer rifle

Don’s Winchester 70 in .270 gets just under 1MOA with his handloads. It seemed appropriate to top it with a better scope than the scary optical contraption it had originally. Now Bambi, Bambi’s mom and all other relatives are in … Continue reading

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For Sale: Canon 300/4 IS lens

I’d like to upgrade my 300/4 lens to a 300/2.8. Originally, I picked the f4 over the f2.8 because of the closer focus (5ft vs. 8ft), lighter weight (2.6lb vs. 5.6lb) and much lower price. I discovered that I always … Continue reading

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Almost a serious theory


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The Generalissimus of Snark

Tamara Keel wields combat-grade snark with amazing grace.

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May I play with your camera?

I would like to upgrade my Panasonic LX-3 to something with a slightly larger sensor. 4/3 is the most likely contender, with Olympus and Panasonic models being most interesting. If you live in Nashville, own such a camera and wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Shooting well at age 11.

Went to the range with friends today. Tried their guns and let them try mine. Fond out, for example, that .223 soft points don’t feed well from GI magazines but work just fine from PMags. (Firing on clays set up … Continue reading

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Movie review: Army of Crime

Army of Crime Plot: 9 Acting: 10 Music: 9 SFX: 8 A very good depiction of the problems faced by civilians who want to survive and fight back against domestic and foreign oppression. Better than most films on this topic.

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Canned goods and ammunition.

Many people who grew up during the Great Depression hoard food. Those who grew up during the 1994-2004 ban on modern firearm features hoard magazines. They also treat magazines as durable rather than disposable parts. With that in mind, Black … Continue reading

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Danica smiles

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Boberg Arms XR9-S range report

Yesterday, I shot about 200 rounds of various brands through it. Others at the range shot another 100. No malfunctions. Recoil with +P and +P+ was slightly more noticeable but still comfortable. Zero seems to be at about 30ft, so … Continue reading

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Steady does it.

Ten year old Ayn is too small to fire this rifle off-hand, but she can handle it supported. On her visit from California, she mostly shot suppressed .22s, but she just had to pose with an AK…after all, it matched … Continue reading

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Range report…tomorrow

Went to On Target (turn off speakers before clicking — loud sound effects on that site) range today. Shot indoors for the first time in a year and it was a nice experience. Friendly and helpful staff, good ventilation and … Continue reading

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An interesting short film

Land of the Free. Curious to see DHS presented as the Gestapo was shown in the 1950s films. The portrayal of the resistance is very reminiscent of the French treatment of their own history.

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Blu-ray player/recorder

Need recommendations on which model external blu-ray player/recorder to get for use with a desktop. Price is a consideration but the ability to play movies and record data is a must.

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