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Two new articles on AllOutdoor

Winchester 1886 Rifle in 45-70 and 450Marlin. HTA convertible 10-22 magazine  

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Armatac CL drum review: new on GunMag Warehouse blog

150-round STANAG drum for rifles and light machine guns.

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Keeping track of ammunition in a multi-caliber environment: new on AllOutdoor

Two possible solutions.

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1920px wallpaper

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Extended magazines.

Standard CZ Rami magazine holds 10 9mm cartridges. It’s small, fairly light, has a good trigger and many people like it as a carry weapon. But 10+1 isn’t the limit of its capacity. The solution for getting more ammunition came … Continue reading

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One of the office workers at Primary Arms

AK with Primary Arms micro red dot on an Ultimak rail, US Palm magazine. It’s nice to work with people who understand their own products. Muffs are MSA Pro-X, same as what I use at home. Looking into switching to … Continue reading

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Various magazines for M&P15-22

The standard M&P 15-22 comes with very reliable 25rd magazines. They have only one down side, the open construction to facilitate loading. They are also out currently of stock with most vendors. Two alternatives both raise capacity and improve sealing. … Continue reading

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What if my 30rd magazine is really a 10-rounder?

458SOCOM rifles use the standard .223 magazines which hold 10 rounds of the larger ammunition. Does this mean that 10-round .458 magazines would become very popular should the proposed ban go into effect? Their ability to hold 30 .223Rem cartridges … Continue reading

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New on CTD: A magazine design dilemma.

Weigh in on how rimfire magazines should be designed.

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New on CTD: On Reliability of Drum Magazines

An overview of drums.

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Akdal MKA1919

The manual of arms for the MKA1919 is half-way between AR15 and Sig556, a lot closer than that of other autoloading shotguns.

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Keltec SU16D: a weapon for tight spots

SU16D has either a 9″ or a 12″ barrel (shown). With a sort stock, a 60-round magazine and a red dot sight, it’s quite a rapid room-cleaner. Loud, too.

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Similar manual of arms

One major advantage of AR15 platform is the number of calibers and configurations that all share the same manual of arms. At first glance, MKA1919 appears to be another AR15, but appearances are deceiving. Internally, this 12ga shotgun is most … Continue reading

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Angled mag carriers

One problem with magazines in upright mag carriers, especially for women, is getting jabbed in the ribs. Kathy Jackson, the editor of Concealed Carry magazine, showed me her mag carrier by Desbiens Gunleather. It works well.

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New on CTD blog: Durable Stocking Stuffers

aka “magazines“.

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Another 9mm option: Just Right Carbine

JRC was ostensibly designed as a traines for AR15 users. The manual of arms is much too different for that, but it seems quite useable as low-recoil home defense guns and for those who like “cowboy logistics”, the commonality of … Continue reading

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Canned goods and ammunition.

Many people who grew up during the Great Depression hoard food. Those who grew up during the 1994-2004 ban on modern firearm features hoard magazines. They also treat magazines as durable rather than disposable parts. With that in mind, Black … Continue reading

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Drums that work

With rimmed cartridges, drum magazines work very well. Each round has a spot of its own and they only commingle in the feed column. With PPS50, the stack is barely a couple of rounds tall. Puma metal drums tend to … Continue reading

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Other equipment details

AXTS receiver, Aimpoint M3 in a Bobro QD mount, Magpul BUIS, QD sling and rail sling adapter, Rainier Arms upper, Samson rail (exclusive to Rainier EVO series). Below, Magpul Pmag in a Bladetech mag holder. In addition to the two … Continue reading

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And for the rest of us…

…there’s the forward pistol grip. Lightweight Thompson with 100-round disk magazine.

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