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When is old enough suddenly not old enough?

Very much adding confusion to a legal injury, the Florida legislators claim that people who were perfectly capable of legal actions must be stripped of that ability on the basis of their age…which is now insufficient. And yet, the same … Continue reading

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ATF still life

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CZ and the Czech School of Gunmaking: new on GUNSweek

Bren 805 and Scorpion carbines.

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Personal weapons can be quite personal.

Back: my stock CZ SP01. ¬†Front: friend’s custom SP01 with a trigger job and slightly less somber finish. I went to the store with CZ75SA in mind, ended up getting SP01 because it felt perfect in the hand. 75SA came … Continue reading

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Back from SHOT Show.

Just returned from the least stressful, most productive SHOT show in my career. I got to meet many friends from all over the world. Got to look and try a wide variety of arms and accessories. Bringing back tremendous amount … Continue reading

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Why a CZ527 carbine

The original 7.62×39 M43 round was made for the SKS and later AK47 rifles. Since I have a vz58 compact rifle also chambered for it, why would I want a slower bolt action carbine? For one, it’s a work of … Continue reading

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CZ P09 Duty as a Survival Gun: New on AllOutdoor

Can a defensive sidearm be pressed into other uses?

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Light Barrel or Heavy on AllOutdoor

Selecting a hunting rifle.

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Extended magazines.

Standard CZ Rami magazine holds 10 9mm cartridges. It’s small, fairly light, has a good trigger and many people like it as a carry weapon. But 10+1 isn’t the limit of its capacity. The solution for getting more ammunition came … Continue reading

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Getting ready to use hasty sling for support

CZ452 Military Trainer.

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Let me play you the song of my people

Lauren is a professional classical musician. She plays a two hundred year old fiddle. She is very good. While she’s a trained martial artist, she’d rather not fight with bare hands. An injury would damage or end her career. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Independent women.

In my long quest for a mate, I found that only independent women are interesting. Those who were wards of others — either incapable of independent judgement, or of feeding, sheltering or defending themselves — were not only uninteresting but … Continue reading

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Accurate rifles deserve good ammunition

Now that I finally learned to shoot rifle, I am starting to appreciate the difference between bulk milsurp and better varieties. I am by no means a sniper but 2MOA ball and half-MOA match behave visibly different even at a … Continue reading

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CZ527, the beautiful little performer

Nice wood, excellent single set trigger. Not my gun, unfortunately. I borrowed it from a friend’s father. The father shoots it with handloads and gets consistent 1MOA groups with it. He uses it without a bipod, I added that just … Continue reading

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New production ammo in 7.62×25: new on CTD blog

Food for the Combloc surplus pistols.

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Resting before a long ride

Alany Helmantoler one of the most active California lobbyists in favor of civil rights (including the right to effective self-defense).

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