Accurate rifles deserve good ammunition

Now that I finally learned to shoot rifle, I am starting to appreciate the difference between bulk milsurp and better varieties. I am by no means a sniper but 2MOA ball and half-MOA match behave visibly different even at a hundred yards.

CZ527 Varmint again.

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3 Responses to Accurate rifles deserve good ammunition

  1. Will Brown says:

    Wonder if CZ is considering offering one of these rifles chambered in .300 BLK yet? A set of .223 rifles in semi-auto and bolt action and the same in a .30 caliber would be a convincing example of a very broadly capable basic personal rifle armory I think.

  2. tad stratton says:

    Budget ammo has ruined the rep of many guns, commercial budget as well as surplus.

    It’s like fast food for people. Cheap and fills you up but is bad for you.

  3. Swiss surplus ammo is amazing. In my K31 it is so much more accurate than I can shoot it is depressing. On the rare occasion the wind is still and I’m fresh and not too caffeinated I’ve shot five round strings under a half inch at 100 yards. Too soon I get tired and don’t pull the stock into my shoulder exactly the same and my hand craps. I don’t return the rifle to the same rest or anticipate the trigger breaking. A half inch turns into one and then one and a half…But the rifle and ammo do their part.

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