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Two sides of Angel Kim

Cute, harmless, and smiley… And a slightly harder edge…

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Outdoor fun in mid-December

  One reason to live in Tennessee: tshirt weather in the middle of December. The secret to this local warming is burning enough gunpowder! Beck Defense carbine in 7.62×35(300 Blackout). For more effective warming of the environment, .510 Beck — … Continue reading

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Two challenges remain.

I have two issues with which I could use help. The first is my computer — it still has interrupted mouse input, where every so often (sometimes every  few minutes, others every few seconds), the cursor freezes for as little as … Continue reading

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Rifle manual of arms in a shotgun

Firebird Precision TAC12 (differs from the current TAC12A1 only in the take-down method) with 10-round magazines and EOTech sight.

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My typical work day

Taking a break between photos to try out a 300 Blackout barrel for my ARAK21. It worked well and the recoil was almost imperceptible. The optic is a Primary Arms 1-6x. (Photos by Bob Faxon)  

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New on AllOutdoor: Designing meaningful practice targets

How to learn from every range trip…on the cheap.

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Visible bullet trace

Student in Condition 1 carry course fires a Glock 23 at the range. Bullet trace is visible. I recently attended one of their sessions and found both classroom and range portions very informative.

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Recent fun and games.

Both days featured sunshine, rain, snow and hail mixed up randomly. Alain Baeriswyl is an exceptionally good coach. Both the shooting course and the Minuteman training were informative, challenging, fun and lend themselves to further practice of the skills taught. … Continue reading

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Rimfire AR

Chiappa mfour-22 with BDM 26rd magazine. Just the thing for clays at 25-50 yards.

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New on CTD: Self-Diagnostic for Defensive Rifleman

Self-Diagnostic for Defensive Rifleman Three rounds of ammunition, two dimes’ worth of office supplies and five minutes could tell you much about your degree of readiness.

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Faxon uppers — a better mousetrap.

At the recent industry shoot, I had a chance to try new Faxon AR uppers. The design is an AK-style long-stroke piston with a FAL-type gas regulator. It allows effective suppressed use without any gas blowback at the shooter. Little … Continue reading

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Today’s range trip.

Grace wanted more trigger time with her laser-equipped LCR. Ended up trying that, S&W 317 and 63 rimfire revolvers, a quiet Walther P22, Kel-tec PF9-22, Star S (.32ACP quasi-1911), HK P7, Kahr P9 and the SU22 shown here. Star S … Continue reading

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Anderson AR15 checks out

Mike Branson behind the rifle. I replaced the solid forend on the Anderson Mfg. 20″ rifle with a lighter ventilated Midewest Industries part. Today, I re-zeroed the rifle with the new Primary Arms 4-14x FFP scope.  All four shooters took … Continue reading

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Ready on the right?

Mike with AKSU74.

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Chronograph and accuracy data

Sometimes measurements confirm what we expect. For example, S&B 115 grain ball flies at 1060fps from an HK P7PSP but speeds up to 1340fps from JRC carbine. But I had no idea that 1980s vintage .22 Short fired from the … Continue reading

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Good weather makes range time that much better.

Rimfire STG44. Cutts compensator doing its job well. Mike, obviously compensating for something. (Photo by Mike Branson) Full report on Savage mkII-SR, JRC 9mm, STG44, Henry .22 and others coming a little later.

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When zombies come, I want her on my fire team

The target was at about 20 yards when she fired on it. The zombie now has four more eyes-sockets in its skull. Special Delivery target | Walther P22 | TAC65 can The ear protection was against the noise made by … Continue reading

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Anime-grade cuteness

This demure young lady is all concentration once on the firing line. And, once done with her course of fire, all smiles. Above, 16″ Vepr in 7.62×39. And yes, she’s only 14.

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More fun than practical.

That’s about high heels. The carbine itself is fairly practical, especially with a red dot installed. Fire can be commenced once eye and ear protection are added.

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Fun with massive firepower

Linoge from Walls of the City brought this shotgun last month. It was a lot of fun.

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