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A mix of classic and new

Last year, I was curious what happened to KD Holsters and discovered that the brand was no longer. But some of their designs live on through Nelson Holsters. James Ervin Nelson took the most popular designs from several old brands, … Continue reading

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My typical work day

Taking a break between photos to try out a 300 Blackout barrel for my ARAK21. It worked well¬†and the recoil was almost imperceptible. The optic is a Primary Arms 1-6x. (Photos by Bob Faxon)  

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Expanding the reach.

My photo accompanies Eugene Volokh’s article in Washington Post.

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New on AllOutdoor: Boberg Arms XR45

Full-size performance in a sub-compact.

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This is why I like Boberg XR9

The gun is small, light, has a good trigger and very low recoil. First, I tried it on paper. Rapid fire from 21ft shows lack of trigger control on my part, I am still not used to DAO triggers. That … Continue reading

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Boberg Arms AR receivers

Boberg Arms is mostly known for high quality bullpup 9mm pistols. Recently, they produced a small batch of high-grade AR15 receivers. About fifteen of them are still available.

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A longer Boberg

Boberg XR9-L is now shipping. The barrel is 0.9″ longer than the S variant. Not a huge difference, but it gives the barrel full length of 4.2″ (halfway between Glock 17 and Glock 19), a Picatinny rail sufficient for a … Continue reading

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Self-defense is a Human Right, in Polish

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Meco holster and Boberg XR9-S

Boberg XR9-S “platinum” edition. It’s the most advanced pistol design out there, with a long barrel in a short slide, excellent trigger, great accuracy and minimal felt recoil. I am very much a fan. I mentioned Meco holsters before. 1 … Continue reading

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Famous gun writer, retired Marine Corps Major Tom Kill.

The illustrious comrade in arms of Major Caudill, Tom Kill…err, Tamara Keel of View From The Porch blog is writing an article about Boberg XR9-S for Concealed Carry magazine. I got to photograph her on the secret Lunar base right … Continue reading

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Boberg XR9-S again

Shot it with regular ammo and SBR tracers yesterday. Watching people getting hits on a 50 yard target with a pocket pistol was pretty cool.

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Promo for Boberg Arms

Boberg Arms | Meco Holsters This pistol has a longer barrel than usual for the slide length. Roughbaugh R9 (2.9″) yields 885fps with this round, while XR9-S gets around 1030fps and does so with significantly lower recoil. Rotating breech does … Continue reading

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Slightly more subtle leather

Meco pocket holster and double tuckable magazine pouch for XR9S.

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An awesome pistol deserves a matching holster

Meco holster for Boberg XR9S. The fit and finish on both are amazingly good.

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XR9-S in use

My colleague, make-up artist Tirzah, in combat trim. She can fight with pistol, knife or bare hands…but using a pistol is easier on the fingernails. The holster purse is from Gun Tote’n Mamas.

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Old snapshots of Danica

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Shooting well at age 11.

Went to the range with friends today. Tried their guns and let them try mine. Fond out, for example, that .223 soft points don’t feed well from GI magazines but work just fine from PMags. (Firing on clays set up … Continue reading

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Boberg Arms XR9-S range report

Yesterday, I shot about 200 rounds of various brands through it. Others at the range shot another 100. No malfunctions. Recoil with +P and +P+ was slightly more noticeable but still comfortable. Zero seems to be at about 30ft, so … Continue reading

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Range report…tomorrow

Went to On Target (turn off speakers before clicking — loud sound effects on that site) range today. Shot indoors for the first time in a year and it was a nice experience. Friendly and helpful staff, good ventilation and … Continue reading

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Boberg XR9-S arrived!

And it looks awesome. Fit and finish are much better than on the prototype. It even comes with a clear and well-produced instruction manual. Photos soon.

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