A mix of classic and new

Last year, I was curious what happened to KD Holsters and discovered that the brand was no longer. But some of their designs live on through Nelson Holsters. James Ervin Nelson took the most popular designs from several old brands, improved them, added several of his own, and now makes comfortable and well-made leather for everyday carry.

Making a comfortable but discreet holster for an L frame revolver is a tough task. This one worked out great.

The main advantage of custom makers is their ability to make something unusual for a common gun or to accommodate something uncommon. Boberg XR9-S in a concealment holster.

Very stable despite the short slide which proved a challenge to some other leather-workers.


This is how it sits on a curvy hip:

It disappears under shirt or a blouse.

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3 Responses to A mix of classic and new

  1. Ray says:

    VERY nice gun leather! I am glad that the plastic fad is passing. The gifted hand and willing heart create things of true and lasting worth that never go out of style.



    I do believe she has room to carry a B.A.R. concealed.


  3. Ed says:

    “It disappears under shirt or a blouse”?

    Perhaps that is because many are not looking too closely at her belt line.

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