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Two movies in one day.

I have not gone to the movies in a very long time. Today, I ended up watching two in a row. First was Brave 3D, which I very much recommend. The trailer for it did not do the movie justice. … Continue reading

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Fun with massive firepower

Linoge from Walls of the City brought this shotgun last month. It was a lot of fun.

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Little Sarah

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The very adjustable SSG08

I will be posting a practical comparison between SSG08 and SSG69 later this summer. One is adjustable but the other has the charm of simplicity. Shown here with the old version of 3.5-15×56 Nightforce scope.

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24″ RFB in use

4-16x Vortex scope, Gemtech Sandstorm suppressor, Magpul VFG, RSA and sling. Same but with Keltec muzzle brake instead of the suppressor, and with Viridian X5L RS on the rail. I can’t wait to get it zeroed. Federal and Hornady both … Continue reading

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The heffalumps are in trouble…

And speaking of A.A.Milne — does anyone know why all the texts of “Winnie the Pooh” are gone from the Internet all of a sudden?

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Hydrating in style

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Good article on rape prevention

On a blog with the funniest header graphic. And he does have my position correctly pegged: rape, along with other physical crimes against another person, should be a capital offense at the attempt stage. Minor quibble: I’d estimate the number … Continue reading

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After the safety rules, the next most important thing…

…is to have fun.

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New on CTD blog: Why Such an Emphasis on Accuracy?

How inherent rifle accuracy contributes to the ultimate success of an important shot.

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A sterling example of today’s youth

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My favorite 308 rifle.

After 8 months, my new 7.62 suppressor tax stamp finally got approved by ATF. My RFB has been restored to the correct configuration. YHM BUIS, 1-4x illuminated scope and (not shown here) Viridian laser on the quad rail. With 4x … Continue reading

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A petite bolt action rifle

AAC Micro 7 in 300BLK with Cyclone-K suppressor

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Advantage Tactical Sight update

Installed that barrel on a 12ga 870. It points just about perfectly, just need to verify zero with slugs.

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Fathers Day range trip

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Glock 17 with Evolution 9 suppressor


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Going through the mail bag…red dot magnifier

One thing I love about travel is that I usually come back to a whole bunch of new toys in the mail. Put these together and you get a swing-out magnifier for red dot sights. Could be useful around the … Continue reading

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Flash hider for 10-22

Over a decade ago, back in the AWB years, I saw a Levang “linear compensator” and wanted it in lieu of the forbidden birdcage flash hider. At the NRA show, my friend Glenn gave me this cute device. Lacking a … Continue reading

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Should I give another try to wing shooting?

I am a notoriously bad shotgunner. Part of this is the lack of practice — I get much better a couple hundred of rounds into practice session. But I get 3 of 25 after a long break, which suggests that … Continue reading

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Same brand, not the same image

If you click to zoom in on the images, you can see comparative prices (19.5 Czech Crown = 1 USD), though local salaries are a bit lower than the US also.

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