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CZ .308 counter-sniper rifle

Very handy device.

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Steyr SSG69 wallpaper


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M1A Squad Scout with a nice optic.

M1A Squad Scout with Nightforce 2.5-10x scope: short and handy for close quarters at 2.5x and enough reach at 10x for 600-700m tagging. Click for a wallpaper sized image.

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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Or something like that… Does anyone know what species this is? (The composition was actually noticed by April, so the credit for the idea goes to her.)

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OD Green

762SDN-6 suppressor | 1-4x Nightforce scope | RFB

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Why I like bullpups.

A .308 rifle with a sound suppressor, BUIS and a low-magnification scope weights quite a bit. Add to that a 20-round and this RFB weighs 13.2 pounds (6kg). M14 and AR10 variants with the same 18″ barrel length weight the … Continue reading

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RFB: works well as configured

Finally had a chance to fire the RFB with the new AAC 762SDN-6 (and shorter piston provided by Keltec) and 1-4x Nightforce scope. What an improvement over the previous set-up! For one, the cycling of the gun is now softer, … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered what “SSG” means?

Steyr SSG08 isn’t pretty. Like PKM and RPG7 it’s what you haul out when utility trumps aesthetics. 12-42x Nightforce scope might be a bit much for it, but it does help to see the whites of their eyes at very … Continue reading

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The very adjustable SSG08

I will be posting a practical comparison between SSG08 and SSG69 later this summer. One is adjustable but the other has the charm of simplicity. Shown here with the old version of 3.5-15×56 Nightforce scope.

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My favorite 308 rifle.

After 8 months, my new 7.62 suppressor tax stamp finally got approved by ATF. My RFB has been restored to the correct configuration. YHM BUIS, 1-4x illuminated scope and (not shown here) Viridian laser on the quad rail. With 4x … Continue reading

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Rifleman Chris

Chris runs Archangel Industries. He’s relaxing with a YHM suppressed .223 rifle in hand. A Nightforce 2.5-10x scope tops it, and folding iron sights provide backup. A tiny CTC laser hides under the forend. Today was another awesome day. Range … Continue reading

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Keltec RFB at the range

Jim Gilliland test-fired this RFB with 168 grain Setpoint ballistic tips and 175 grain Georgia Arms match ammunition. With 4x scope, he got roughly 1.5MOA. Last year, Mike Meador shot it with Federal Gold Match using a much higher-magnification scope … Continue reading

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CMMG piston rifle

This CMMG piston rifle is special to me because much of it was designed by my friend Bernie White — the same man who designed the original Desert Eagle pistol. When Bernie designs something, it usually works well because he … Continue reading

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Just back from the range

Leader 50 is finally in production at Micor but we played with the prototype. Nightforce 12-42×46 scope in American Defense QD mount.

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My RFB is back from Keltec

It now has the updated gas system which is easier to adjust. 1-4x Nightforce scope, Gemtech Sandstorm suppressor, Magpul sling and rail sling adapter. The model is Jessica. Although she is shown here with a backup Keltec P3AT, she actually … Continue reading

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