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Red dress, black rifle

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Striker 12 revolver shotgun

Striker 12 is a fairly clever device but, at the core, it is a revolver. Revolving wheel lock carbines have been around since the early 1500s. That didn’t stop BATF from classifying it as a “destructive device” subject to registration … Continue reading

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Seen at Coal Creek: CAR15 camo job

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Tomboy. Sharpshooter. Little girl who cleans up well for pictures. Morgan is 17.

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Aimpoint Hunter on a Vepr

With a Humvee, the model doesn’t have to worry about caving in body work. Aimpoint Hunter | Vepr

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Twelve times twelve

Another Coal Creek Saiga with a 12-round SGM magazine. I haven’t chronographed this gun, but other people’s data indicates drop of muzzle velocity from 1250fps to about 1000. Seems like a reasonable trade for the small length. Fans of longer … Continue reading

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Another 12GA shortie

Also seen at Coal Creek Armory, a Saiga 12 with 8″ barrel and 12-shot magazine.

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Shotgun so sweet, it’s even painted like a chocolate chip cookie

Seen this weekend at Coal Creek Armory in Knoxville.

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Anime-grade cuteness

This demure young lady is all concentration once on the firing line. And, once done with her course of fire, all smiles. Above, 16″ Vepr in 7.62×39. And yes, she’s only 14.

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Asking for official permission to stay alive.

Often in home defense episodes, people ask 911 dispatchers for permission to use effective means of self-defense. “Mother, may I please, please save my life by fighting those who’d murder me?” I would guess this stems from being unsure of … Continue reading

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Teenage girls and their loud toys

The rifle is a 16″ Vepr in .308, set up with 20rd magazines, 1-5x scope and Magpul MOE stock on ITT hydraulic recoil buffer. Felt recoil is below that of .223, which makes it an excellent plaything for a teenage … Continue reading

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And speaking of rooftops…

For sight radius, length matters. Such a long barrel also gives maximum bullet velocity and least muzzle blast. The added weight is surprisingly little thanks to the relatively short forend. Both front and rear sights are adjustable for windage and … Continue reading

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Tall and slender boomstick.

One of the many cute and curious sights of Knoxville, TN. I can’t quite decide if SVD form is beautiful or just odd. The form of the shooter is more obviously graceful. Wolf Arms

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Trijicon SRS

More photos taken for G4P: a Trijicon SRS on a Bobro QD mount. The sight handles nicely — eventually, I’d like to get one for more hands-on evaluation.

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More fun than practical.

That’s about high heels. The carbine itself is fairly practical, especially with a red dot installed. Fire can be commenced once eye and ear protection are added.

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Be weddy, weddy quieeeet…

…she’s hunting wabbits. I don’t think much edible rabbit would be left though — that’s 44Mag Henry would be better suited for heffalumps. In any case, this is the last time this rifle is seen with open sights — my … Continue reading

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Nashville-based pistol training

My friend Justin has trained new shooters for a long time. His interest and proficiency with firearms predate his police work by several years. This year, he is offering more formal training through Condition One. In particular, the pistol course … Continue reading

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Pigeons are everywhere in Prague.

So are the spikes designed to keep them off ledges and heads of sculptures. His hair is standing up on end at the very thought of having a flying rat land on the head.

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Oleg and Dixie

(photo by Brock Townsend)

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More about AR57

The location of the magazine limits the scope length, making prismatic design a natural choice. CTC laser is mounted as a backup sight because I view all rifles as possible defensive tools. The barrel is fairly thick and also fluted, … Continue reading

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