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The origins of violence.

The propensity to unwarranted violence is independent of available tools. Violence prevention should focus on the motives for violence more than on the tools, for we have seen no method by which the evil can be reliably disarmed without affecting … Continue reading

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On fighting against a crowd.

Recently, a friend told me that pulling on pistol to fend off a gang of rapists — such as those in Cologne, Germany — would have lead to a stampede endangering multitudes. Defensive ammunition is unlikely to penetrate more than … Continue reading

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Which would be safer to kick?

Sometimes, we read about psychopaths who abuse animals before turning to humans. Strangely, most of them go after bunnies, kittens, puppies and other helpless creatures. very few of them seek the challenge of trying to abuse bulls, full-grown large dog … Continue reading

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So proud of our students…we treat them as morons!

University of Colorado is in the news, but they are hardly exceptional in the typically dismissive and disrespectful treatment of students by colleges. Typical rules of student conduct presume a retarded minor child and not a young adult — or, … Continue reading

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Asking for official permission to stay alive.

Often in home defense episodes, people ask 911 dispatchers for permission to use effective means of self-defense. “Mother, may I please, please save my life by fighting those who’d murder me?” I would guess this stems from being unsure of … Continue reading

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Theater seating and self-defense

(Image by okaygeek.com) People say that any hypothetical defender at the Aurora theater would have run the risk of hitting innocent bystanders. The risk existed but consider how typical theater seats rise rise towards the back. It’s the classic “second … Continue reading

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Time to get better legislators!

This applies equally to New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Illinois, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Washington DC.

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