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Calling all readers in Chicago

A good friend needs a small service done in Flossmore neighborhood in Chicago. Would anybody near there be willing to do me a favor by helping him?

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Hating’ on the pink guns?

Pink might not be “tactical” but neither is stainless…yet nobody has argued against that since the 1980s!

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Shot placement and caliber matter. Color, not so much.

The revolver shown actually works very well.

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“You and what army?”

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New on AllOutdoor: Don’t just sit there — shoot from other positions, too!

Read about the utility various shooting positions. If you are an Appleseed fan, please promote this post.

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Keeping cool.

Leaping up and down creates air movement and aids ventilation. An entirely difference principle than that of the Lewis gun shroud.

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Just another cubicle dweller

One of the office workers at Primary Arms with a Daniel Defense MK18 kitted out with 3rd Gen Magpul 30-rounder, Primary Arms red dot and tac light.

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First focal plane option

For people who like FFP scopes for the ability to use a rangefinding reticle at any magnification, Primary Arms makes an inexpensive 4-14x. I took a photo of this one during the NRA show but I’ve actually used one for … Continue reading

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Personal Independence

Obviously, providing for own safety is only one facet of independent living. Being able and willing to work, having interpersonal skills to navigate the social environment are other necessary components. Those skills, more than material inheritance, are what caring parents … Continue reading

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Accessorizing the AK

Furniture and magazine: Tapco Optic rail: Ultimak Co-witnessed red dot sight: Lucid M7 Load-bearing vest: High Speed Gear Active hearing protection: MSA

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Compact yet effective

Springfield XDS with Viridian C5L light/laser

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One of my favorite people

My cousin Zhenya, last year in Budapest. Four shades of orange.

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A matter of priorities

Single shot Ferret 50 with, of course, a Nightforce scope. Hornady 750-grain match ammo.

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My Little Badger article is up on

A review of this unusual carbine.

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My buddy Scott

Just a snapshot from the last weekend.

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Lucid L5 6-24×50 scope updated

I put a Lucid 6-24x scope on the JP SCR11 precision rifle. The scope has a well-considered bullet drop compensating reticle and so works well for precision shooting. My sole complaint with it was the abrasive feel of the turret … Continue reading

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Updated Lucid HD7

I keep a gen.2 Lucid HD7 on a .458SOCOM rifle. I like everything about it except for the uncapped turrets. The 3rd generation HD7 just arrived and it has capped turrets. This sight uses one AAA battery, turns on in … Continue reading

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Please recommend a computer repairman in Nashville, TN

One of my main computers (PC) just stopped working. I left them room briefly, and it was off upon return. Won’t respond to the power button in any way. I’d like to have it fixed ASAP. Since it is a … Continue reading

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The lens sees what the eye doesn’t

I made a panoramic collage of the countryside near Biel in Switzerland. Only upon review at home did I notice an interesting detail. (Click on the preview to load the full panorama. The area of interest is marked on it.) … Continue reading

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Traveling light…almost.

(Photo by Tatyana Volk) Since the weight and the bulk of the camera and lenses were a problem during my trip to the Eastern Europe the previous year, I tried to pack light for the Swiss trip. In the end, … Continue reading

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