My Little Badger article is up on

A review of this unusual carbine.

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12 Responses to My Little Badger article is up on

  1. Bob G says:

    Enjoyed the article. The Little Badger looks like a fairly serious carbine, despite (or because of) its small size and light weight. I could easily see it as a strong alternative to the more common takedown rimfires like the AR-7. It’s simpler to deploy and looks like there’s little to go wrong with it. Thank you! – Bob

  2. Ryan says:

    I remember reading about this right after SHOT show news started coming out and have been excited ever since.
    I’ve got a few projects in mind for such a rifle 😉

  3. Bob in Houston says:

    The one they had on display at the NRA convention in Houston was chambered for 22 Mag which has me interested, I just wish they could slap a .410 barrel under it like the Double Badger for a much less expensive version of the old Springfield M6 survival rifle.

    • BLAMMO says:

      .22 WMR would be preferable. But then, it’s not as commonly available. I mean, normally. These are not normal times.

      Is it available in .22 WMR? Chiappa’s site makes no mention of it. Only .22 LR.

  4. Y. says:

    Once a man used to single-shot guns has tried a bolt action, he cannot go back.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Tell me which tiny bolt actions are ready for suppressors and optics?

      • Y. says:

        Not an expert on those.

        However, almost every .22 rifle I’ve seen was optics-ready. Not rails, but grooves.

        Threading a barrel is no big deal. Factory-threaded ones are not common, after doing some googling on Czech gunshops seems about every eighth .22 rifle listed comes with a threaded barrel.

      • BLAMMO says:

        The accessory rails are cool and don’t detract or add weight. But I just don’t see this as the type of thing I’d start loading with accessories. It’s bare bones. I’d leave it bare bones. ‘s just me.

  5. T.Stahl says:

    Unfortunately it’s a rifle that folds to less that 60cm total length, which makes it ideal for poaching. And Göring didn’t like poachers. That’s why such guns and attaching any light sources to guns are verboten. 🙁

  6. Foetus says:

    Damn I wish these where legal here in France. Unfortunately the barrel is just a hair under the legal limit for weapons I can get with my basic licence, which makes it much more difficult to acquire. Not impossible, but with the same paperwork and stuff I could get a 10-22 or a revolver.

  7. John Moses says:

    Chiappa firearms usually rely on zamak or others zinc alloys in the receivers of their guns, do you know if this model does? I will not buy any gun containing zinc alloys, personal reasons.

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