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New Year Wishes.

To the readers of this blog, I wish a new year filled with old friends and new joys. And I hope that 2013 would be an uneventful year, unmentioned in the history books.

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A longer Boberg

Boberg XR9-L is now shipping. The barrel is 0.9″ longer than the S variant. Not a huge difference, but it gives the barrel full length of 4.2″ (halfway between Glock 17 and Glock 19), a Picatinny rail sufficient for a … Continue reading

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The ethics of gun control.

What would you think if a prospective date confirmed the time, the place and the plans for the evening, then added: “Make sure that you come unarmed”? Would you go to the date anyway or wonder what he’s up to? … Continue reading

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The economics of gun control.

We talk often about the technical aspects of gun control. Arbitrary specifications, capricious enforcement, massive mis-allocation of resouces… What are the financial effects of gun control as proposed by Feinstein and others of her kind? The most immediate effect is … Continue reading

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Israeli-pattern FAL

Coonan FAL receiver.

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A horse and a bird to make guessing easier

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Some of us *are* compensating…

…for the muzzle flip from 1600fps of muzzle velocity!

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Cats and Dogs

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Guess where I went.

Nominally a part of the US but an upper-tier third-world location in reality. (Photo by Tatyana Volk)

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Drill types

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Camera equipment for sale, updated Dec.28

I am streamlining my camera and lens line-up and upgrading lenses. Old gear has to go. Prices do not include shipping. Canon 10D body $225 (comes with charger, spare battery, 4GB memory card) – good starter camera for a kid … Continue reading

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Colt Commander

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A good reason for liberals to oppose gun control

Any gun control will be viewed as the fault of the Democrats. The electoral fallout from that would push the Democrat social agenda back by many years. So what do liberals want more, gun control or all those other changes, … Continue reading

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One devious reason for the illogical nature of anti-gun laws

Most violations of the myriad of Byzantine laws and regulations are prosecuted as felonies. Having an 11-round magazine in a state that forbids anything over 10 opens a person for prosecution. If that prosecution succeeds — a lifetime disenfranchisement AND … Continue reading

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The mad numerologists of gun-control

The push to restrict magazine capacity focuses on the apparently magic number “ten”. Reduce Americans to ten-round magazines and no more mass murder, they claim. Let’s look at where this leads. Ten rounds has been the standard capacity for military … Continue reading

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Victimizing the survivors

Supposedly, some totalitarian regimes bill the families of executed criminals (or dissidents) for the bullets used by firing squads. Probably an urban legend, but our great leader and his friends in congress are trying to top it. All the proposed … Continue reading

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Thoughts on school shootings

1. Mass murderers who plan on killing themselves after the spree are not deterred by posthumous legal penalties. Really. Trying to disarm everyone who can theoretically snap is impossible — witness the Russian cops doing mass shootings against the disarmed … Continue reading

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Vampires in Tennessee

Turns out that vampires are now real. Stakes won’t work on them because of armor, and other means may be at the defender’s peril because they have official backing. Curious to see how long it will take before the first … Continue reading

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How gun control laws have consequences for their authors

What happens when some legislator votes for a gun control bill to make it into a law? Adding restriction on gun ownership makes violent crime more frequent. It makes defensive weapons more expensive. And it puts a few people in … Continue reading

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