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What’s the Value of Training with Airguns? New on All Outdoor

Pluses and minuses to using CO2 air pistol.

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Civilized social intercourse over gunfire

First date included a little 75 to 100 yard plinking with a custom fast-twist Volquartsen rifle. Neither of them missed much, supported further out or offhand at 50 yards. The now-discontinued Gemtech G5-22 mimicked a centerfire suppressor in size, so … Continue reading

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Classic vs. modern

Keystone 722 Youth, bolt action with iron sights. Keltec SU22E with a Vortex red dot.

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Polite people don’t make noise.

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Maintain eye contact. Don’t look down!

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Husband and wife portraits

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Psycho (and Psychic) Games

Amie’s newest book is now available.

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H&K 416 Clone in .22LR: new on AllOutdoor

Walther recreates the HK classic in rimfire.

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Snapshots from North Italy

I am no early riser, so haze caused by the evaporation from Lake Como was a constant problem. Hundred fifty year old house, brand new antenna. My favorite Americans. Italian man listening to his uphill neighbor.

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Statues old and new

And a littler newer, a lot more crude. Not without charm though.

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Gas station coffee

2014, Como, Italy. A little gas station with fuel prices showing why Italians favor small cars, scooters and bicycles, or diesel-engined vehicles. At the exchange rate of the time, the price for basic unleaded was just over $9/gallon. Parking space … Continue reading

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Idaho sky

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Girl’s fallen in with baaaaad company

Just look at those rogues! And the result? She’s running hippie-blessed 5.56mm instead of the good ol’ orthodox 7.62mm like a man! Disgusting, don’t you think?

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Writer David Burkhead

I’ve only read “Hordes of Chanakra” so far and it was a 4/5 book, definitely good enough to try his other titles.

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Lead recipient sighted.

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She taking a dim view of something…

I wonder what that something is.  

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Seeking recommendations for a web designer

I’d like to separate my professional site from my personal site. Since my web design days are in the past, I’d like to work with an expert on making a new site just for my creative direction and photography work. … Continue reading

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California girl in America

In the finest tradition of Japanese anime, running a belt through the M60 gets a big smile from a 14 year old girl. She showed good competency and safety habits…especially considering that was her first time ever on a range!

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