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Felony by inaction.

The original definition of felony was “a serious crime punishable by over a year in prison”. In theory, felonies are actively committed. Prison or death are supposed to be reasonable punishments for misdeeds wilfully perpetrated. Two problems arise in practice. … Continue reading

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Bio-political musings

Much of the political process can be likened to auto-immune disorders: segments of the body politic hijacking the defensive organs of the society, such as police, to attack other elements of the body. In that way, a small and relatively … Continue reading

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A Disgruntled Republican

The author of A Disgruntled Republican blog.

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Endorsement: Carol M. Swain for Nashville Mayor

She comes endorsed by several figures I consider credible, like Dinesh D’Souza. Her endorsement of Walter Williams as an authority is also telling. Unlike the other candidates, she has a track record of opposing tax increases. She’s also against gun … Continue reading

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A good friend, a long-time American by choice, wrote this excellent essay. I post and propagate it because my friend cannot without dire consequences to self and family from state authorities acting as employers, educators and officious busibodies. It’s sad … Continue reading

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Gun “Buy-Back” Scalability: new on AllOutdoor

The real reason why “compensated” gun turn-ins don’t work.

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A good question.

And the answers vary from “criminal intentions” to “treason”. Or well-meaning stupidity of such magnitude as to preclude a successful election campaign…so very unlikely.

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On gas prices

Typically, price of gas reflects the expected restocking costs. If a station sells gas for 2.20 but has to re-stock at 2.40, they lose money. Moreover, rising prices are generally a problem for gas stations, not a boon. Gasoline is … Continue reading

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Economic ignorance or a real concern?

I see people bellyaching about Mexicans working in the US and sending cash home. When a person performs work or sells a product, they get money for it. The money is a claim on future services or goods. If that … Continue reading

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How prohibitions endure

US had numerous state level prohibitions on alcohol before the national one was enacted. I wondered how people stood for those and didn’t shoot the culprits out of hand. Then, a thought occurred to me that explained how prohibitions of … Continue reading

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Blocking of roads by protestors

If I were betting, I’d think we will see the same happening on election day this year. While it would inconvenience all sides, we already know that logic isn’t part of the game.

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Новости глазами иммигрантов

http://stas.livejournal.com/1048089.html http://arbat.livejournal.com/870840.html Такое впечатление, что людям совсем не хочется опять жить при совке, даже и на территории Америки.

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History tells us that extraterritoriality has been the cause of many uprisings against foreigners, notably the Boxer Rebellion. De-facto immunity from the local laws currently afforded to non-Europeans in countries like Sweden, Germany and France are likely to cause a … Continue reading

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Infringed: a useful book about gun laws

I finally had a chance to read Alexandria Kincaid’s book about the US gun laws in all their irrational glory. Over half of the illustrations in it were done by me, but while I’ve been looking at parts of the book for … Continue reading

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The most serious threats are not always obvious

Terrorism gets a lot of attention. It doesn’t produce many casualties relative to the population size, and would produce even fewer if governments didn’t insist on disarming their own residents. The various government shenanigans with health care, restraints of trade … Continue reading

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In the ideal world

My friend Boris Karpa is fond of Tim Moen’s campaign slogan: “I want gay people to be able to protect their marijuana plants with guns.” I don’t think he is thinking far enough into the bright future. If pot was legal, … Continue reading

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Odd absence of serious ranged weapons

Looking at the videos and photos of the street fighting in Ukraine, it would seem that the riot police formations would be quite vulnerable to arrows, bolts and slugs even if fired from extreme range. And yet I see nothing … Continue reading

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Domestication as an evolutionary success?

Domesticated animals have been around for tends of millions of years. Many ant species look after aphids in exchange for sugary secretions from their six-legged flocks. Human domestication of selected species certainly assured their survival to a far greater degree … Continue reading

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Social service homicide

The killing at LAX was done rather inefficiently, but the sole surprise is that this hasn’t happened much sooner. Given that our side — non-government people — tends to avoid violence, this was probably squabbling among thieves escalating to a … Continue reading

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Scary Halloween thoughts.

This year, same as last, the scariest deeds aren’t being shown on C-SPAN. They are being done on the quiet — so take C-SPAN level of scary and multiply it by some unknown but considerable coefficient to get the idea … Continue reading

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