Felony by inaction.

The original definition of felony was “a serious crime punishable by over a year in prison”. In theory, felonies are actively committed. Prison or death are supposed to be reasonable punishments for misdeeds wilfully perpetrated. Two problems arise in practice.

The first problem, the more widespread of the two, is that the definition of “felonious misdeed” has grown to encompass such horrible actions as filling in a small runoff pond on a farm, possession of a feather from particular bird species, or making a true statement to police that they think to be false.

The second problem has been with us for almost as long. In 1933, F.D. Roosevelt’s executive order prohibited simple possession of gold coins, bullion or certificates. In 1934, simple possession of many kinds of firearms and their accessories was effectively prohibited through punitive taxes amounting to the cost of a car per item. To keep a $2 rimfire sound muffler, a person was supposed to by a $200 tax stamp. Every one of those laws made people into felons overnight, with no action required by the newly appointed criminal. A person ignorant of the new law or executive order would still be subject to imprisonment with no regard for the lack of ill intent.

To me, this adds up to a perversion of justice. To the politicians of Virginia, this is the game plan. They are not shy about using the military to enforce his plan, either.

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3 Responses to Felony by inaction.

  1. Divemedic says:

    When I was a young teen, our scoutmaster was an emigrant from the Soviet Union. The stories he told about life under that system of government are what we are seeing more and more in this country. I swore that I would do all I could to protect this country from becoming that.

  2. Fergus Boone says:

    The government can legislate all they wish to make honest law abiding citizens into outlaws. Sooner or later they will get their response at about 2,800 feet/second. Our education system has failed so horribly that these clowns do not realize this scenario was attempted in 1775 and it didn’t go well for our alien overlords. It also requires an incredible arrogance to believe that their gender studies majors and women’s studies majors are going to defeat people who served under the flag rather than burn it.

    I do know this. As a proud son of the South the next civil disturbance will be different. There will not be alot of hand shaking at the end and re education camps. Our alien overlords will either have to flee to a socialist paradise or be sent to meet their 72 virgins. Remember they brought this on themselves.

  3. Lyle says:

    The injustice, irrationality and anti-constitutionality are primary features, not bugs, not oversights, not unintended consequences or collateral damages. Only when we begin to realize that will we begin to understand the nature of our foe, and only when we begin to understand the nature of our foe may we begin to understand the solution.

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