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Eye protection is very important.

Revision safety glasses, a prop provided by a friendly rep. The rifle is a Marlin 60.

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Why I pay attention to lens and sensor quality

These snapshot show a small fraction of the SHOT show displays using my photos: Unlike billboards, these are seen up close. And these were not even the largest images — the biggest was a three-part Keltec display 8 feet high … Continue reading

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Models have such tough lives…

…this one was getting a back massage from my assistant. Olive oil with a little red pepper works great to vanquish goosebumps from shooting outdoors.

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Pointers on learning snipercraft

Sniping is a lot more than just shooting straight. Read a few suggestions for the direction of study for being a sniper. In addition to my post, read this excellent blog about long-range shooting.

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Sign of the times…how to survive the global warming

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Best furry friends

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Looking around

From TWS photo shoot.

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75-round handrest

I’ve always liked these drum magazine for providing a comfortable hand rest of firing standing.

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Keltec M43 bullpup in 6.5Grendel

6.5Grendel is a fast, dense round with good ballistic coefficient. In the last half-dozen years it has become a lot more popular. To me, it would make more sense scoped — but people have achieved great accuracy with similar 6.5mm … Continue reading

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More photos from my Austin visit with TWS

Some sort of a Marlin .22 bolt action. AK74 with TWS forend and rail.

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Clearning up the confusion about Keltec RDB and M43 action type.

From Keltec designer: “The original prototype was a long stroke piston (Like the SU-16), which is probably why the leaked ad said so, and why there is some confusion. But the current production RDB is a short-stroke piston operation, similar … Continue reading

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Why a CZ527 carbine

The original 7.62×39 M43 round was made for the SKS and later AK47 rifles. Since I have a vz58 compact rifle also chambered for it, why would I want a slower bolt action carbine? For one, it’s a work of … Continue reading

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Odd absence of serious ranged weapons

Looking at the videos and photos of the street fighting in Ukraine, it would seem that the riot police formations would be quite vulnerable to arrows, bolts and slugs even if fired from extreme range. And yet I see nothing … Continue reading

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How to turn off viewfinder auto-adjustment on Alpha 77?

A friend lend me Sony Alpha 77 to try out. I noticed that the viewfinder brightness is proportional to the exposure. If the ambient exposure is insufficient, the viewfinder turns black. The camera doesn’t know that I have studio flash … Continue reading

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Special effects make-up artist Tirzah Julius-Burns.

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Guns for the handicapped: amplifying a fundraising appeal

BayouRenaissanceMan talks about the challenges of finding affordable defensive arms for his disabled trainees. If you are able and willing to help out, I think this is a project worthy of support.

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How to reach Frontier Airlines? (Update — problem solved)

A friend is sick this morning and needs to postpone a flight with Frontier. Their hold time is in the “40 minutes range” but they always drop the call at about half-hour mark. The web site doesn’t offer the option … Continue reading

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New on All4Shooters: Keltec RDB and M43 bullpups

Read the overview.

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Canon flash needed in Las Vegas

I am in Las Vegas for SHOT show. I brought two studio flashes with me but managed to leave out my hot shoe mount flash. I can try to have it shipped but I am not certain that the package … Continue reading

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