More photos from my Austin visit with TWS

Some sort of a Marlin .22 bolt action.

AK74 with TWS forend and rail.

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6 Responses to More photos from my Austin visit with TWS

  1. Tango says:

    I gotta nit pick the picture of the gal in the cammies posing. The uniform is a hodgepodge of other uniforms. The cover (hat) is a US Marine Corps cover worn improperly. Notice the head bulging from the top. The top of the cover should be flat. When in uniform, a female Marine’s hair is also kept tidy. The blouse (always called a blouse, regardless of male or female) looks like it’s some kind of overcoat. The pattern looks appropriate, but it’s hard to tell. There does not appear to be embedded the required Eagle, Globe, and Anchor (EGA) into the pattern of the material.

  2. John E Davies says:

    I always enjoy your pics, but whenever I see someone holding a firearm like the kid with the Marlin, I think “He’s terrified of guns!” It’s an awkward and un-natural way to grip a gun. Instruct him in the “pointy finger” discipline please.

    John Davies; Spokane WA USA

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I did — and he always reverted to this way of holding it. No idea why, as he’s entirely comfortable with a 5.45 AK74.

  3. Spark says:

    No, Tango, you don’t “gotta” nitpick. It is obviously not a uniform, being only two items, and she is obviously not trying to present herself as a Marine. She could be a Marine, or former Marine. I still use uniform items after being out for five years. Mainly in field expedient outfits. Or she might not. I lend items to my fiancee. Also, the blouse this young lady is wearing is not a “cammie” or “digi” uniform blouse, but a Goretex over-blouse, most of which do not have the EGA embedded in the pattern.

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