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Need to find a TGS-104 video cable

I need to find either a TGS-104 or a functional equivalent. So far, I have not located any current sources. I also have not found the specs on it, which makes figuring out equivalent cables difficult. Does anyone have a … Continue reading

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Time to get better legislators!

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Heller Commemorative .44Spl Bulldog

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How should an elected representative vote?

Should an elected representative vote how his electors want him to vote or should be vote his conscience?

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Slightly more fancy

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Simple and functional.

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Practice target

Printable PDF This target is designed to represent a realistic violent criminal actor. Shaded areas represent armor that is proof either against pistol and shotgun (both helmet and vest) or against rifle only (just the vest). VCA means “violent criminal … Continue reading

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How to locate a pet?

What would be the best way to put a tracker on my cat? I’d like to be able to find him outside in case he ever gets injured and can’t return on his own.

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Legitimacy of the lawmakers? Don’t make me laught!

Tam mentions a police raid against a guitar maker in my own town conducted over a pretext so flimsy….just read the details. The Bible had a very appropriate line about this: “First cast out the beam out of thine own … Continue reading

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You say you want a revolution…

I am curious, have any domestic revolutions ever produced greater liberty? Not wars of secession (like out 1776 event) but actual domestic revolutions with the change of existing government. Romanian revolution of 1989 seems to be such an example. 1688 … Continue reading

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Externally adjustable light/laser rifle mounts?

Does anyone know of Elcan-type mounts that allow fine adjustments of a light or laser for windage and elevation? I am considering using a laser that lacks internal adjustments.

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Left hand or right, Dennis makes them

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Best tools for riot control

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A live rose might last a week

This one would last a lifetime.

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Два аргумента

В связи с популярностью плаката, представляю перевод на русский язык.

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Defcon goon at rest

See, their work isn’t so hard!

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Two good arguments against arson and riots

I think that one resolute person with a firearm could have ended the recent London riots in minutes. Unfortunately, British authorities seem to favor the thugs and would have tried to prosecute lawful self-defense…hence the disclaimer.

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New sub-forum on Gun Rights Media

Come join the Media Review — talk about pro-gun, anti-gun and plain about-gun films, videos, posters and other media.

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I wonder if Brady Campaign would now joinVirginia Gun Owners Forum…

VGOF is giving away an AR15 rifle the person who posts the 100,000th post on the forum. Since the anti-gunners are so concerned about the proliferation of small arms, would they now feel obligated to join the “enemy forum”, post … Continue reading

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Big Boy

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