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Boy’s first Christmas

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The color-coordinated rifleman

GWACS lower, Hahn rear sight, Troy magazine, Strike Ind. forend, Kaw Valley Precision linear comp, Pro Ears muffs, Rudy Project glasses. Can’t even begin to guess who made that upper…

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Just returned from 2015 Tennessee Bulletfest

Saw old friends, met new people, tried a few guns, enjoyed the company of awesome people amid rare arms and armor.

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She writes On a Wing and a Whim. An awesome young lady.

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Zombie green rifle

What is the temperature of a zombie? Above ambient, I would assume. Fighting Sheepdog rifle with IR Defense Hunter scope. I forget who made the can.

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Rogue and wench, newly married.

Writer Cedar Sanderson and her brand-new husband Sanford.

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Rimfire trainers have been popular for a long time.

1903 Springfield trainer in .22LR

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Fashionable pistolera

Kahr P9 with upcoming Viridian R5 laser. Keltec PF9

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Another killer ape!

A very precocious child.  

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Today’s snapshots

Not quite as cold out today, so CZ527 came out to play. With iron sights, it’s a fast and handy brush carbine. With an optic, it’s set trigger allows considerable precision. Not warm enough to stay out long though… …so … Continue reading

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Natural camouflage

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What’s a little rain and hail to a free spirit?

One of the recent visitors took advantage of the inclement weather. The rain warmed up in the end but it started out with hail. The volume of precipitation was hard enough to darken the skies perceptibly, all the way down … Continue reading

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Lasers for Ruger LCP

I happened to have two examples of LCP-compatible lasers on hand. Pistols with fixed sights of indifferent visibility definitely benefit from lasers for low-light use. I have seen more than one person go from 8 inch scatter to a tight … Continue reading

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Custom Combat HK USP40 For Sale

Update: sold. Brand new, unfired pistol with Novak sights, flared mag well, extended (16rd) magazines. The trigger group allows cocked and locked or traditional double action with decocker. Comes with a color-matched Blackhawk pistol bag. My friend bought it several … Continue reading

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My friend Charles with a laser-sighted Glock 17


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A new friend.

Photo by JP of Just People blog.

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Peace, love and tight groups.

Saw Gibbs 1903-A4 sniper repro at the NRA show, watched the informative video review and decided I wanted to play with it. The rifle that showed up looks great, has very nice wood and comes with a really neat scope. … Continue reading

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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Or something like that… Does anyone know what species this is? (The composition was actually noticed by April, so the credit for the idea goes to her.)

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Details of yesterday’s photos: holstered PF9

One advantage of IWB holsters: they do not require a very sturdy belt.

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