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Just returned from 2015 Tennessee Bulletfest

Saw old friends, met new people, tried a few guns, enjoyed the company of awesome people amid rare arms and armor.

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A smart guy did the math

Weeks after I asked the ballistic math questions, I got this email: Was intrigued by your trig problem. Herewith my answers: 1) take distance and bearings at regular intervals, say 20 seconds apart.  (take bearing and ten seconds later take … Continue reading

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National defense and 6th grade math

(Image from http://www.festungguernsey.supanet.com/about_us.htm) Imagine an observer with a stereoscopic rangefinder and a telephone, camouflaged on a seashore. The observer is 3km ahead of a cannon located further inland for concealment. The bearing is between the cannon and the observer is, for … Continue reading

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Anti-tank cannon

Just the item for discouraging armored vehicles from going through your church walls. RPGs are more portable but lack stand-off range. TOW and similar guided missiles harder to come by.

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Range snapshots

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