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Keystone 722 article updated.

Today, I was able to re-test it at longer range with the proper 6x rimfire scope.

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Hard at work, as usual.

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Keystone Arms 722: new on AllOutdoor

A innovating rimfire carbine in the classic tradition

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How perishable are skills?

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“Get weapons of war off the streets!”

The title is a typical rallying cry of anti-freedom politicians. We know they are lying. But let’s pretend, just for a moment, that they aren’t. If they really mean to restrict only weapons of war, then we are looking at one of two … Continue reading

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A Sword in the Stump

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Her various attitudes

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Bigger is Better: new on AllOutdoor

SGM Tactical Magazines for Saiga

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A better photo of the same owl.

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Hard work in the blazing sun.

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An upcoming advisory on unethical conduct

At the end of last year, I worked for a rifle and ammo maker, They paid about 2/3 of the invoice and then stopped. I later learned they aren’t paying any of their contractors. The amounts involved aren’t large, but … Continue reading

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Maria Butina

Interview with Maria and the associated video. Another.  

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Kelly Monochrome

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Is she a model, or real?

A good quality red dot sight, like the Vortex Stikefire, solved that problem. A low-end one, such as what she actually used when learning later that day, doesn’t. She still managed to do quite well. A range trip should be … Continue reading

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Where to get lenses and camera tested for focus problems? (Nashville)

Ever since I got 5DRS, I’ve been getting an insanely high proportion of out of focus photos with 70-200/2.8. With 80% of the images of stationary objects looking defocused, I am trying to figure out how to check if the … Continue reading

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Angel Kim

Engraved Smith&Wesson M27, I think.

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FN FS2000, Sig P210

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Idaho trip postponed

Due to the overwhelming number of home commitments and bad timing for the Boise trip, I am postponing until Fall. Unfortunately, that also cancels the Orofino trip for Boomershoot this year.

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OATH expanding TSR slug: new on AllOutdoor

Having watched the development of this round for the past year, I am pleased to see it come to market in a highly evolved and refined form.

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