Maria Butina

One of the faces of the Russian effort to improve their legal gun rights. While Maria prefers to get by on ability and multiple competencies, i don’t mind noting that she is also photogenic.

Interview with Maria and the associated video. Another.


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8 Responses to Maria Butina

  1. Jay says:

    I respect her for working for her rights over there in Russia. They do have some restrictions in their firearms laws that could be improved, as I understand it. But I do respect that those are Russian laws and it is a Russian matter to settle among themselves, just as I would not want Russians coming here and trying to dictate our rights and laws.

    And yes; she certainly IS attractive looking. But she needs a nice Makarov PM or a non-import Tokarev instead of that Czech CZ52?

    • Lyle says:

      No, Young Grasshopper; Human rights are without borders. So no; I do NOT respect infringements on human rights in other countries any more than I respect them here in the U.S.

      We REALLY need to get over the “all cultures have the right to [violate rights]” meme. It’s like saying Middle Eastern girls “have the right” to be mutilated and treated as chattel, or murdered in “honor killings”. Fuck that horse shit!

      There is no right to violate rights, and no society that violates rights as a matter of policy is worthy of respect, or tolerance, either from within or from without.

      No society is perfect, but some are in fact vastly superior to others, and some need to be altered or extinguished for the sake of human rights. If you have principles at all, this is obvious, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to keep my mouth shut about it. So there.

      And I like the Vz. 52.

  2. Greg Hopkins says:

    Is there a national gun rights group in Russia like the NRA ? If so, how can I contact them?

  3. Bob McPeak says:

    Who is the maker of the rifle stock?

  4. Jay says:

    Lyle, I don’t disagree with you about basic freedoms being universal, nor do I disagree with this lady and those like her standing up for their freedom in their country- or anyone else doing so in theirs, for that matter.

    But let me put it another way- IF this was about some socialists in the EU who proclaimed that US citizens should be disarmed by force because THEY believe it is their “right” to dictate what others should or should not “be allowed” to possess, you seem like you would be opposed to that on principle, correct? I know I’m not willing to have my rights infringed because it offends liberals, or people from other countries, or even liberals from other countries. My point was that I respect the woman from Russia for standing up for hers as well. Would you prefer some one-world government authority that dictates Their rules to ALL humanity without allowing dissent? I know I sure would NOT. So it falls on each of us to act where we live to protect our rights first. And if other people disagree with that in other countries or cultures, then their opinions do NOT our rights. Period. How that went from there to somehow rationalizing that other people should not stand up for their own rights as well? You lost me on that one.

    And, at what point in my original post did I tell you (or anyone else) to “keep your mouth shut” about ANYTHING? I respect your right to disagree with me and say so; I just am not fond of you trying to put words in my mouth that I neither wrote nor believe for the sake of a straw man argument. Doesn’t mean you don’t have to right to speak about it, but don’t expect me to not respond, either. This is Oleg’s website and we are both guests here, so let’s both try to keep this civil. But for the record, you are presuming something about my beliefs that do not reflect their reality and then projecting the idea that I am somehow persecuting you by wanting to limit your open expression of your own opinion. Neither is the case.

    And as for the CZ, I’ve had a few of them over the years and like them as well. I just expressed my opinion that she- as a proud Russian woman- would have been served well in the context of the photo and the subject to have posed with a Russian handgun.

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