An upcoming advisory on unethical conduct

At the end of last year, I worked for a rifle and ammo maker, They paid about 2/3 of the invoice and then stopped. I later learned they aren’t paying any of their contractors. The amounts involved aren’t large, but the company owner has proffered brazen lies and counter-accusations against me and others as “people profiting off him”.

I am currently waiting for the resolution of this through a good faith effort by a friend. If nothing useful comes out, then I will post a more detailed advisory. The company owner cursing at my counsel on the phone isn’t a positive sign. Defense industry is pretty small. I am puzzled as to why somebody would risk their reputation like this…

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6 Responses to An upcoming advisory on unethical conduct

  1. RWC - Team BOHICA says:

    Wow. Dumb move. Once your reputation is questioned in the gun community it is damned hard to recover.

  2. Lyle says:

    “…accusations against me and others as “people profiting off him”.”

    Well there’s your problem, right there– a failure of basic principles. If you don’t believe in profits, you’ll not be in business long. Theft (and/or slavery, which is a form of theft) is the only alternative then, unless you’re an independent farmer/hunter/gatherer living exclusively off your own land and by your own labor.

    • DonM says:

      They may be expecting a big government contract, which will not require them to be ethical with their normal suppliers, or they may be going out of business.
      Cursing at an attorney is occasionally a sign that the Cursing Party has suffered a stroke.

  3. ewar says:

    Fuck that guy. Rat his ass out now, help prevent someone else from getting screwed.

  4. Will says:

    If there is no obvious cause for his apparent change in attitude toward others, then Don may be correct. Stroke, or some other brain condition may be at fault. A concussion is known to cause personality changes, especially aggressive or oppositional tendencies.

    If you have any way to contact his family or close friends or business associates, you could mention the current business problems he is causing with his new attitude, and ask if they have noticed any changes. Perhaps they can suggest that he have a diagnostic visit with a specialist in brain matters.

    The person afflicted with a brain change may not be aware of the extent, in some cases.

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