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Getting a sidearm for carry — help a girl out

An acquaintance in Florida is raising funds for the side arm, the training and the government permission to carry it. Help her out if you like. I think it’s worth doing.

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Angled mag carriers

One problem with magazines in upright mag carriers, especially for women, is getting jabbed in the ribs. Kathy Jackson, the editor of Concealed Carry magazine, showed me her mag carrier by Desbiens Gunleather. It works well.

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RMR30 accuracy

Keltec RMR30 configured as shown (Gemtech 22wmr suppressor, Magpul BUIS, Primary Arms 3x scope) fired at 30 yards yielded this group of 8 shots. The carbine was rested on my camera bag. Each grid square is 1/2″, the group is … Continue reading

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For Jessica’s fans

From an old photo shoot.

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Taurus 24-7 G2 + Viridian C5L

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New on CTD: “Amazing Striking Power!”

22WMR vs. 22LR

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Red and the cat

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Custom Kydex

This small of the back holster was designed by my friend Chris back when he worked as an Air Marshal. He specializes in deep concealment holster, mag pouches and knife sheaths. All his holsters are truly custom, made to your … Continue reading

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Kudos to Wacom!

Called them to get tech support, got the issues with Intuos 4 resolved in five minutes. The tablet works better with the new drivers than it did when I first bought it. Great job, Wacom!

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More about Ace M4 SOCOM stock

Above, on a fixed block, below on a folding block. Ace 1791 Apparel

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Useful AK accessories

1. Ace M4 SOCOM stock — better cheekweld, adjustable length of pull, very robust. 2. AK boltface tshirt by which other members of the gun tribe may know you.

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How the blade rides.

I’ve mentioned Nikolay Ermolenko’s hand-forged knives before. This is how mine rides, in a sheath made by my friend Brian Keith. You can have a custom knife made by Nik for a pretty reasonable price — a unique and very … Continue reading

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Who is the top predator here?

Gremlin got his introduction to electrical RC airplane today. It certainly got his attention: for a while, I wasn’t sure if the cat was fearful, curious or interested. Once the plane landed, Gremlin pounced on it. So he was viewing … Continue reading

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Purple isn’t just for old women anymore

JRC carbine in “muddy girl” pattern, 33rd Glock magazine, YHM sights, Viridian X5L light/laser. Left thumb controls the light/laser switch.

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A comfortable way to learn firearm operation

Bolt action rifle (Henry mini), CCI Quiet-22 ammunition, competent parental instruction.

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If she starred in Home Alone, the movie would have ended much quicker.

Works just as well outside of home. Props: tshirt from 1791 Apparel, 3″ .38Spl revolver from Czechpoint

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SMLE and Enfield #4mk.1

If you want the SMLE tshirt, talk to 1791 apparel. If you’d like to buy my #4mk1 Enfield (made in 1945) for $175+shipping, talk to me. If you want the girl, you are out of luck. She’s taken. Update: Enfield … Continue reading

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Celebrities among us

Kacie B. From ABC’s “The Bachelor” seen at last year’s Lucky Gunner shoot.

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That poxy little Chicago is wagging the whole Illinois

Champaign County Rifle Association site.

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