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An excellent range day

For once, I went to the range without a camera. With several guns to fire in a limited time and poor lighting available, I concentrated on having fun. We set up at 25 yards and played for a while. One … Continue reading

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New on CTD: The absurdity of zero tolerance policy, illustrated.

Read all about it!

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Enjoying a fine Spring day

(photo by Tatyana Volk) In the end, my idea of a “light walk-about camera” ended up being 5D2 without the battery grip and a 24-70/2.8 lens. In tight quarters at the NRA show, the lens was swapped for the tiny … Continue reading

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Keltec SU16 in use

As I’ve mentioned before, SU16 is one of my favorite light rifles. It’s a clean-running, lightweight piston gun with good accuracy. It’s very simple, has mild recoil and can be customized extensively. SU16 works well suppressed. It’s main down side … Continue reading

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Active and passive safety devices.

Obviously, the rifle would have to be wrapped against dust.

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American White Ibis

This bird lives on Kel-Tec factory grounds, along with numerous other birds, turtles and (until recently) an alligator.

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Mordor of the Midwest

On the way to the NRA convention, my friend Dennis and I wound up cutting through about twelve miles of Illinois territory and went through the main street of Cairo. The entire town looked like this or worse. The only … Continue reading

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OK, maybe this wouldn’t stop a riot…

…but it would certainly end one fast! STG58 with Cyclone muffler for hearing protection and 100rd Beta magazine for lead sufficiency. Ear muffs have built-in radio jack and stereo microphones that improve on un-amplified hearing, wearing eye protection is just … Continue reading

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What kind of frog is this?

Found it on my deck chair.

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New on CTD: Guns of Color

Read about Ceracoated firearms.

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The amazing Kathy Jackson

Not only is Kathy the editor of one of the best magazines out there, Concealed Carry, she’s the author of the book Cornered Cat and a co-author of Lessons from Armed America. At the NRA show, her table was constantly … Continue reading

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NRA Show in St.Louis 2012 re-cap

The show was much smaller and much better organized than SHOT. 90% of the useful info in 20% of the space. Media support was stellar. Got to meet fellow bloggers, see my images used in about a dozen booths and … Continue reading

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Microsoft mouse problem with Windows 7 (64bit)

Today, my mouse started producing double-clicks when the left (single click) button is pressed. I have two USB Microsoft IntelliMouse opticals and both are misbehaving the same. I updated the drivers and checked mouse settings, no improvement. I click once … Continue reading

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Taurus TCP738 with Crimson Trace laser in a Dragon Leather holster

I am not a fan of driving long distances by myself. So the opportunity to ride to the NRA show with my friend Dennis Badurina was eagerly seized. He brought several of his holsters along and one of them caught … Continue reading

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Another lightweight carry option, Bersa BP9CC

Bersa BP9CC Pluses: good trigger very thin comfortable grip Minus: magazine disconnector Shown with Viridian C5L.

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Short shotgun comparison

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[vacancy closed] Who wants to share a hotel room with me for the NRA Convention?

A friend transferred a reservation at the Hilton to me. It’s a 10 minute walk from the Convention. The cost of $125/night (plus applicable taxes) for April 12-15.  I reason that the proximity to the convention is worth the price. … Continue reading

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Tricking out an AK

My friend’s Bulgarian AK clone with Insight MRDS on Ultimak rail, Ace M4 SOCOM stock. It remains streamlined and AK-simple, but the speed of target acquisition and recoil control improved. The changes added very little weight.

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Matthew 25:36 (nsfw)

The Bible urges us to clothe the naked, so I offered the fence climber my neck tie. Not being a corporate creature anymore, I don’t wear it anyway. It fit her well, being precisely the right length to ensure a … Continue reading

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Fence climber (nsfw)

Seen on my daily walk through the neighborhood…

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