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A quick salmon and pasta dish

A hungry friend stopped by today, so I put this dish together. It was delicious. Prep and cooking were under 15 minutes total, less than driving to the nearest fast food place would have taken.

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New post on CTD blog: off-body carry

Read more about it on CTD blog.

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Navy Annie

Russian riverboat girls are tough 🙂 This one cleans up pretty well.

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Overcoming cross-eye dominance: new on CTD

Another blog post up on using red dot sight.

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Typical feline: cute but with long-range claws

Browning M1919 on an MG42 tripod: 250 rounds of 30-06 or .308 before a reload…I think this will end the AR15 vs. AK47 debate.

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Boberg XR9-S again

Shot it with regular ammo and SBR tracers yesterday. Watching people getting hits on a 50 yard target with a pocket pistol was pretty cool.

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Twin Browning 1919 wallpaper

This rig is an excellent illustration of how guns can make up for lack of number or physical strength. A hundred-pound girl can hold off a mob of hundreds if properly armed, while even a dozen of unarmed strong men … Continue reading

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More photos taken through night vision monocular

Taken with ATN PVS14 and a Panasonic LX3. The camera was used at ISO200, so it added a bit of noise to the image.At base ISO, the exposure would have been 1/6s, going up to 200 allowed 1/15s at f2.5. … Continue reading

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Another 9mm option: Just Right Carbine

JRC was ostensibly designed as a traines for AR15 users. The manual of arms is much too different for that, but it seems quite useable as low-recoil home defense guns and for those who like “cowboy logistics”, the commonality of … Continue reading

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New post up on CTD blog: Homeboy sights for rifles

Building on to the glories of Birdman Homie Night sights: now for rifles.

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What goes bump (or meow) in the dark

Picture taken with Panasonic LX3 through ATN PVS14 (3rd gen NVG).

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Any reasons to avoid these cameras? Panasonic GH2, Canon T3i

I am considering getting a “vest pocket” camera. I like my Panasonic LX3 for what it is, but it’s not a viable low-light camera. The one feature I lack now that I want in a travel camera is a variable … Continue reading

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Long range pistol

Zett with Mauser C96 from Chris Range’s upcoming comic book.

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Thompson girl

Airship engineer character for the upcoming dieselpunk comic book “Zett & Lux” by Chris Range. Auto Ordnance 1927 Thompson with 100rd drum and 20rd stick magazines.

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A Scorpion Handler

With its rate reducer removed, vz61 can fire the entire 20-round magazine in one second with excellent control over the burst placement. With a sound suppressor, muzzle climb becomes negligible. The 75m and 150m sight markings are wildly optimistic even … Continue reading

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Bullpups at the range

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Positive reinforcement: new post up on CTD blog

Ways to make sure that new shooters enjoy their first range trip.

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Czech-made revolvers

More options in medium frame revolvers: .38 and .357 Czechpoint models. I haven’t fired them yet but hope to do it by the end of the month. Overall, they look like K-frames with recessed chambers and re-designed ejectors.

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Gremlin at a photo shoot

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Hunter vs. soldier, new post on CTD blog

Hunter vs. soldier, rifle vs. musket.

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