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“Girls can’t handle recoil.”

Recoilless to the rescue! RPG7 here, though the good old American 106mm would do better for actually hitting things at range. Just mind the backblast, it’s apt to singe the curtains.

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Armed with a gun she made.

Kaitlyn Lemmons is a 07 manufacturer. She made the semi-auto closed bolt PPSh42 that’s in her hands. I was very impressed by the quality of the weapons she produces. Diva Arsenal

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1941 Soviet infantry manual in English

My friend Boris Karpa translated this historic manual and made it available in Kindle format (also readable on desktop with viewer programs). He’s an excellent translator and knows the topic, so I can vouch for the accuracy of the translation. … Continue reading

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Navy Annie

Russian riverboat girls are tough 🙂 This one cleans up pretty well.

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