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Roni and Mic-Roni pistol adapters: new on AllOutdoor

Extending the range of handgun the Israeli way.

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HK MP7 sound-suppressed with B&T silencer

4.6x30mm round fires bullets in the 26-42 grain range at 2000-2400fps. Designed to penetrate soft body armor, it produces minimal felt recoil, especially when sound-suppressed. It’s quite easy to keep a 3-6 round burst on a silhouette at 100 meters. … Continue reading

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“Sic semper tyrannis!”

  This little submachine gun should, by rights, we as famous as Booth’s derringer. After all, its owner accounted for Mussolini.

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Thompson submachine gun in .22LR

The gun is essentially recoilless. The 30rd magazines come from Black Dog Machine.

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Smoking hot

1928 Auto Ordnance Thompson.

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Armed with a gun she made.

Kaitlyn Lemmons is a 07 manufacturer. She made the semi-auto closed bolt PPSh42 that’s in her hands. I was very impressed by the quality of the weapons she produces. Diva Arsenal

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A Scorpion Handler

With its rate reducer removed, vz61 can fire the entire 20-round magazine in one second with excellent control over the burst placement. With a sound suppressor, muzzle climb becomes negligible. The 75m and 150m sight markings are wildly optimistic even … Continue reading

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Kriss 45ACP SBR

Angela from Lucky Gunner is checking out short-barreled Kriss 45ACP carbine. The shape above the barrel is the integrated flashlight.

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Erma MP40 submachine gun

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Bella Ciao?

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Classic Uzi

Janine is firing tracers from it…she giggled like a little girl. Few things bring a bigger smile than swarms of angry little fireflies launched at steel targets at a safe distance.

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