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A (mostly) serious woman

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Maturity isn’t just a function of age.

Sydney is a competitive shooter. I’d rather have her around than many chronologically adult people who haven’t a fraction of her maturity, education and ability. Of course, there are times when she acts like the 14 year old that she … Continue reading

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And a touch of steel

The same model, a little more purposeful.

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Uzi loaded with tracers

Wherever he is, John Galt probably prefers a weapon with more range. The Uzi, especially with the solid wooden stock, does work all right to about 100 meters. A little more forward lean would have been nice, but it worked … Continue reading

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Classic Uzi

Janine is firing tracers from it…she giggled like a little girl. Few things bring a bigger smile than swarms of angry little fireflies launched at steel targets at a safe distance.

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