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The Preferred Role of Guns in the Political Process

Recently, I wrote of the limited utility of sharpshooters in standing battles. I also write often about the importance of marksmanship and gun ownership. How do these two statements fit together? Where most of the population is unarmed and untrained, … Continue reading

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A very special MP40

This submachine gun is not like the others. Can you guess why?

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A new friend.

Photo by JP of Just People blog.

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Inexpensive range trip with M1911?

Rimfire M1911, green dot sight, green laser/light — great for teaching newbies and entertaining everybody else. Henschel hat again. $20 worth of good rimfire ammo lasts a day at the range. Next time, I’ll add a sound suppressor to make … Continue reading

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My friend Miles.

With a 12ga bullpup shotgun. Photos for a hat catalog.

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Nice Leather for Good Iron

Sideguard holster for Coonan .357.

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A Rifleman Mirrored

RRA Leftie

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The man who taught me how to use a camera.

My father Ted Volk. Taking photos out of an art museum window in Prague. Picking on an LSD-based lifeform in Prague. (Photo by Tatyana Volk)

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Fun with social statistics

Let’s postulate a society with several identifiable ethnic groups. All other things being equal, the group with highest birth rates would be considered the poorest simply because their members would be overwhelmingly young. A 20 year old typically earns less … Continue reading

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The Illustrious Jeff Folloder

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Kathy Jackson with a cornered cat.

Gremlin with Kathy Jackson of the Cornered Cat fame. While she’s a great writer and a highly regarded self-defense trainer, I get an impression that the furbie appreciates her more for being cuddly. So sexist!

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You have probably seen my favorite green hat in quite a few photos. I got that hat in trade way back in 1999 when the guy buying my 9×18 Makarov was a few bucks short of cash and threw it … Continue reading

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Single action details.

Ejector on a Magnum Research BFR in .500JRH

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Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?

Being able to go from very casual to extremely purposeful in a second can be a tactical advantage.

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A Pocketful of Wallop

Pocket carry is one of the most discreet ways of going armed. Doing it effectively requires two things: being able to carry the weapon comfortably and discreetly, and being able to present it quickly and effectively. The first condition is … Continue reading

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The mis-directed fetish of marksmanship.

I am a great fan of armed and trained civilians. But I’d like to point out that the “hundreds of thousands of deer hunters” are no military snipers and do not overmatch regular infantry. A very well trained rifleman with … Continue reading

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Faxon uppers — a better mousetrap.

At the recent industry shoot, I had a chance to try new Faxon AR uppers. The design is an AK-style long-stroke piston with a FAL-type gas regulator. It allows effective suppressed use without any gas blowback at the shooter. Little … Continue reading

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Billy the King

One of my favorite fairy tales is finally available on-line.

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Don’t wait for a knight in shining armor.

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Cool moustache

The owner of CZ forum.

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