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Accessorizing the AK

Furniture and magazine: Tapco Optic rail: Ultimak Co-witnessed red dot sight: Lucid M7 Load-bearing vest: High Speed Gear Active hearing protection: MSA

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Name this rifle.

Sergeant Hartman: What’s this weapon’s name, Private Pyle? Private Pyle: Sir, the Private’s weapon’s name is Charlene, sir! My suggestion was “Judith” after another lethal Israeli. Whatever the name, this rose smells equally sweet to my friend Charles. He’s been … Continue reading

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Back from SHOT show

The 2013 show was a major success. I will be posting photos and articles from it in the next several weeks. I even managed two range trips: the first at Media Day (which was fun but extremely cold and windy) … Continue reading

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Crusader Weaponry .308 rifle

The opener shot for the upcoming article about this impressive rifle. The sight is Elcan Specter 1/4x. Battlecomp brake, Magpul stock and mag, Diamondhead sights.

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Inexpensive range trip with M1911?

Rimfire M1911, green dot sight, green laser/light — great for teaching newbies and entertaining everybody else. Henschel hat again. $20 worth of good rimfire ammo lasts a day at the range. Next time, I’ll add a sound suppressor to make … Continue reading

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Major Lawrence?

Pity nobody makes the Webley these days. To me, its ergonomics are just about perfect for a revolver.

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Why get a Coonan?

The most common comment made by people who tried it the first time has been: “It’s like shooting a laser!” I found it easy to make 50 yard hits on steel plates. I don’t work for them, I am just … Continue reading

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Small bore fun in the desert

Gemtech Alpine | BDM drum

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