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Traditional American response to unbidden guests

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They won’t ban your single-shot .22, right?

.22 rifles are, by definition, rifled. In quite a few countries, that’s subject to a higher level of restriction than smoothbores. 22LR round is fixed ammunition, and that is also more restricted compared to loosely loaded black powder guns. The … Continue reading

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Minimizing snubbie recoil.

I am having a friend hand-load two different 110gr jacketed hollow points. I also got a box of Magtech 38Spl 95gr all-copper ammo to go with the all-copper Federal .357 rounds. I was going to link to the Lucky Gunner … Continue reading

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Back from SHOT show

The 2013 show was a major success. I will be posting photos and articles from it in the next several weeks. I even managed two range trips: the first at Media Day (which was fun but extremely cold and windy) … Continue reading

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Rimfire trainer guns

Ever since I got to shoot a suppressed GSG1911-22 in Nevada, I wanted to have on on hand. Rimfire trainer guns were extremely useful then and they have become even more useful since the price of ammunition gone up so … Continue reading

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A party snapshot: M1 carbines

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Chiappa Rhino

Simpler in design than Mateba Unica semi-auto revolver, Rhino feels much better balanced. DA trigger is fairly smooth, single is odd (lots of take-up), fiber optic sights are easy to see. I didn’t have the opportunity to fire it but … Continue reading

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