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There’s no cavalry to the rescue.

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They grow up so fast

Congratulations, Grace!

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Here, deer, deer!

Remington 700 (308Win) with US Optics 3-17x scope. (Details: “It is a Bell and Carlson Tactical Medalist style 5 stock, a Krieger m10 profile 1/10 twist barrel, with a Timney 517 trigger, a Badger 20 moa rail, and a US … Continue reading

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“I just want my M14!”

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Russian legislative logic at its finest

Larger printable file available on request. Translation: Powerful, long-ranged rifles for hunting and sport — legal.But even the weakest pistols for self-defense — banned.Where’s the logic in that?

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New edits of old photos (nsfw)

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Light rifles and heavy

This rifle combines a GWACS Armory polymer lower and a Head Down upper. It is very light, and has little recoil — so little 13 year old Grace could get away with this shooting position. She was pinging a small … Continue reading

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SSG69 PIV, police variant

This illustrates the utility of short, handy PIV┬ávariant. With the scope set at 3.5x, off-hand snapshots are possible. That would be rather harder with the longer bull barrels typical of longer military sniper rifles. At typical police sniper ranges under … Continue reading

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Do you train…in the rain?

Does your hat brim keep your glasses clear enough to see? Is your scope waterproof and rust-resistant enough to function the day after the rain? Can you move with full loadout while soaked? Do your soles provide a sure footing? … Continue reading

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Very tacticute

Melissa Gilliland keeps up her side of the family standards by being a competitive shooter in her own right. The rifle is an Asbury Precision Ordnance ASW with 3-15x Light Tactical by Premier Reticles. I’ve seen her kick ass with … Continue reading

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Hit the gym!

Besides the obvious health benefits, more muscle means you can operate heavier toys. This DSA FAL is hefty — a heavy barrel, a 100rd Beta drum and a 2.5-10x optic do add up — but also capable of keeping up … Continue reading

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M1A Scout in a Rogue bullpup stock

18″ Springfield Scout Squad rifle in a Rogue bullpup stock. In the two views, you can see the “belt and suspenders and then some” approach to sighting — 4-16x scope and red dot (both Vortex) plus offset Dueck iron sights, … Continue reading

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My hunting rifle and Katyn forest.

I own many rifles, but I only hunt with one of them. Feinstein’s latest effort to disarm Americans would ban it. It would ban that entire shape of rifle (bullpup) as well as that entire category (semi-auto with a box … Continue reading

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The Vepr continues to evolve

The original rifle was a standard 20″ .308 Vepr from Wolf Arms. 20″ barrel combined with Texas Weapons aperture sight on a dog leg scope rail = very long sight radius. Not yet installed but coming — fiber optic front … Continue reading

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Enhanced Vepr .308

Vepr rifle with 20″ barrel, Troy Battle Ax stock on ITT hydraulic buffer tube, Aimpoint Comp M2, Viridian X5L light/laser, SGM forend. The forend is going to be switched out for the Texas Weapons part shortly. I’d like to move … Continue reading

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Israeli-pattern FAL

Coonan FAL receiver.

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Left Side or Right

Unlike all other .308 bullpups, RFB may be safely fired from either shoulder. Hunter model with 24″ barrel shown.

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Keltec RFB available on G4P

Guns4Pennies has an RFB up for grabs. The rifle shown above is identical to what they are offering.

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New on CTD: Sweet Bleeding Zombies

Ever wondered how to fight off a zombie stripper? Wonder no more!

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