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Ithaca M37 Riot Shotgun Rides Again: new on AllOutdoor

Ithaca brings the charismatic classic back

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Beretta Centurion and red dress

Some of my firearms industry partners are more flamboyant than others. This lady co-owns a custom rifle company. Her husband did the cerakote work on the pistol.

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Psychic Seeks: a new novella by Amie Gibbons

Read it now.

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Brigand Arms Carbon Fiber “Fishnet” Forends: new on AllOutdoor

It’s been awhile since I got this enthusiastic about something, especially a rifle forend.

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Comment moderation — many just approved

For some reason, WordPress stopped sending me notifications of moderated comments a week or more ago. I just approved about 50.

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One of my models with her carry pistol

Full-size 9mm STI with which she also competes. BTW, she’s looking for a job or freelance work either in Mesa, AZ area or by remote.  In her own words: Business analysis is my primary job, I’ve had a focus on … Continue reading

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The main reason I like M&P pistols

They fit hands large and small. Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts. His hand is just a little bigger than that of the learner Sophie. Both were able to use the same M&P pistol during the class. Note, the photo below … Continue reading

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Rallying the household

Experimenting with graphical treatments of photographs.

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The master of the household

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Traditional American response to unbidden guests

And don’t forget the extra ammunition!

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Carrying a pistol with armor and load-bearing vest: new on AllOutdoor

Fury Carry Solutions

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Country, not serf

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Blue headscarf

Синий платочек 🙂

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This is not a scarf

It’s not a pipe, either.

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Published in Serbia

Several of my M249 photos just got published in Kalibar.

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Old friend suddenly turns up

This week, I was contacted by a friend who has been out of touch for almost eight years. That prompted me to edit some old photos of her.

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Lexington, KY roll call

A friend from Utah will be in Lexington Monday February 22 to visit a prospective college. Would anybody like to play host for a day for her?

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ASJ Cover Article: The Mighty Mite

All about Alexis.

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Weight is a relative concept

I am playing with new plates in an old carrier. Trying to decide between it, older Dyneema plates backed with soft armor and just going with pistol/buckshot-rated vest. Thoughts?

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Three feet and five inches.

Swords have been around since 1600BCE. Pistols, including revolvers, since the early 1500s. Government efforts to restrict their use to the “right people” go back about as far. The “right people” are typically the members of the party in power. … Continue reading

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