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Master and slave relationship?

California legislature: “You may beg for permission to protect yourself.” Law-abiding person: “Please, Massa, may I?” California legislature: “Of course…not! Who do you think you are, Diane Fienstein?” Larger printable file

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Stop California AB144!

AB144 would cause harm twice: once by denying self-defense than the current restrictions, and again by making gun owners invisible to the public. De-normalizing open carry would damage our rights in the long run. (Print size file)

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Another Laserlyte, this time on P3AT

This photo was taken of the pistol as it sat on my desk. Then Alany cleaned it and I photographed it again. What a difference elbow grease and attention to detail make! P3AT | Laserlyte | Alany

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Seen at Panera Bread today

A friendly Nashville family. The pistols are usually concealed.

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Does it quack like a duck?

“Two of the shooters were dressed as uniformed police officers” “…he presented himself as a police officer” Mass murderers sometimes masquerade as authority figures to gain compliance from their victims. It’s becoming especially common with home invasions, as those are … Continue reading

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Grown-up Barbie

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Night hunters

Keltec RMR30 with Gemtech 22WMR suppressor and ATN MK390 night scope. The infrared illuminator above the scope is turned off. Magpul backup sights for daytime use are folded out of the way. Czech vz58 Both photographed with 35/2 lens behind … Continue reading

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Resting before a long ride

Alany Helmantoler one of the most active California lobbyists in favor of civil rights (including the right to effective self-defense).

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Brady Campaign Terrorists

Brady Campaign’s stated goal is to disarm American civilians, making them defenseless from criminals. When danger visits, it is never the disarmers who stand between us and the violence, but Bradies and their ilk are the first to complain about … Continue reading

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Scoped Chipmunk rifle

The 4x scope is quite decent actually has a rangefinding reticle. Chipmunk

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(Pre)Teen Rifle

This boy is 11. He’s been shooting since age 6. During the entire photo shoot with various firearms, he’s shown excellent safety habits, better than most adults. The rifle was custom-built by Doublestar. Red dot is a PA micro. Eye … Continue reading

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Blue laws

It’s currently fashionable in some circles to worry about the future domination of shariat. People who have previously had no opinion of Islam suddenly develop a strong dislike of it because they worry about being forced to obey its laws. … Continue reading

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A less expensive laser option for P32 and LCP

P32, Laserlyte laser, Adam’s pocket holster. The on/off switch is where the index finger tip rests when off the trigger.

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Нельзя же настолько не доверять своим соотечествинникам!

Человек с мелкокалиберным пистолетом для самозащиты не конкурент государству. Его эффективный радиус всего несколько метров, пули не способны пробить бронежилеты работников силовых структур. Прецедент разрешения только мелкокалиберных пистолетов уже есть — Германия начала двадцатого века позволяла только калибр 6.35мм (25ACP). … Continue reading

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Another carry option

Bersa Thunder 9 compact, Viridian C5L

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Massacre in Norway

Not surprisingly, photos from the island show numerous rescuers with submachine guns on their shoulders. The mass killing ended when good people showed up with firepower of their own. Exactly the same happened in Virginia Tech. As soon as police … Continue reading

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Proper off-hand technique with a belt-fed weapon

Shane Primm firing Barrett‘s new lightweight version of M240 7.62mm machine gun This photos is an out-take from an upcoming article in a Harris Publications magazine. The machine gun shown is about 5 pounds lighter than the regular M240 thanks … Continue reading

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JARD .22 upper

The charging handle is attached to the bolt carrier, so the receiver back is completely enclosed. Uses BDM magazines. The return spring is in the bolt, so a folding stock (not shown) is possible on this and also on JARD … Continue reading

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Gym update

A mile in 7:50 on the elliptical today (same 8 degree incline). Actually did two gym trips, more on weights in the morning, more cardio in the evening. Happy that I’ve learned to allocate the time for exercise. Extended the … Continue reading

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I didn’t think much about the local wildlife until my cat took to venturing outside regularly. Now I have to worry about coyotes, skunks, foxes, raptors and other cats. Ammo | Revolver

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