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“Be sure to come unarmed.”

The date went well, though they disagreed on a few things: he carried, she thought all guns should be banned.  They decided to meet again. “I’ll make dinner Friday night. Come over around 6pm,” he said “And be sure to arrive … Continue reading

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Forbidden fruit and other visual musings

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Poor, defenseless wimmens huddling together for security…

…stuck with century-old protective equipment. I wonder if feinsteins and other low-lives of the worlds would be comfortable with weapons that old in common use.

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Keltec P32 pistol in Swiss use

P210 and P220 are the official pistols in Swiss army, militia and some police use. I also saw Glock and Sphinx pistols in police holsters. But the most common “unofficial” sidearm seems to be the P32. My Swiss friends estimate … Continue reading

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First time at the range.

Two grocery bags ware put on a stick and rotated freely in the wind. As a result, they got hit from all sides with several .22 and .32 pistols. Revolvers didn’t work out — double action triggers were too heavy … Continue reading

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Ceska zbrojovka, the classics.

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Pistol shooters

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Pistol in a garter is silly. That’s where spare magazines go.

From Czechpoint photo shoot. In this instance, I’d worry more about the Gorgon stare and less about the minor firearm factors…

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The social importance of Personal Defense Weapons

Produced with the assistance of Czechpoint USA.

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Out of buckshot, pushing on!

“Кончится картечь, не пропадём…” Winchester 1897(12ga), Savage 1915(32ACP). Background photo from http://www.wallchan.com/wallpaper/2447/

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vz61 Scorpion

Tirzah came to Nashville to do make-up for the zombie shoot and stayed to model. Much as I like the zombies, I think she steals the show from the pistol. Props provided by Czechpoint.

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Gun Tote’n Mamas

Gun Tote’n Mamas make holster purses. The advantage of off-body carry is the ability to conceal larger guns.

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My first post written for CTD is up: vz61 Scorpion

32ACP Gets Serious: read it on CTD blog. Five new photos.

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Range report…tomorrow

Went to On Target (turn off speakers before clicking — loud sound effects on that site) range today. Shot indoors for the first time in a year and it was a nice experience. Friendly and helpful staff, good ventilation and … Continue reading

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vz61 Scorpion

Pistol version of the submachine gun. With a stock, it is a very controllable automatic weapon. Without a stock or an automatic mode, it’s a fairly large 20-shot pistol with low recoil. Scorpion is also imported by Czechpoint.

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A less expensive laser option for P32 and LCP

P32, Laserlyte laser, Adam’s pocket holster. The on/off switch is where the index finger tip rests when off the trigger.

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