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New on AllOutdoor: Rimfire Conversion Kits

The appeal of rimfire conversion kits

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Extended magazines.

Standard CZ Rami magazine holds 10 9mm cartridges. It’s small, fairly light, has a good trigger and many people like it as a carry weapon. But 10+1 isn’t the limit of its capacity. The solution for getting more ammunition came … Continue reading

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Boberg Arms AR receivers

Boberg Arms is mostly known for high quality bullpup 9mm pistols. Recently, they produced a small batch of high-grade AR15 receivers. About fifteen of them are still available.

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Neat smoking pipe

My friend Buck Williams of WW Guns makes these 45ACP pipes. I don’t see them listed on his web site but I know they are available for purchase, so you can ask him directly: 256.751.5911 or

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My friends come bearing interesting things. This one has interchangeable barrels (22LR, 22WMR,17HMR). Excellent trigger and balance. My friend says it shoots dime-sized groups at 100 yards. No wonder they are popular on CZ forum.

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Maintaining proficiency using air guns

Back when I first started shooting, I acquired a CO2 Crossman air gun for my girlfriend. It turned out extremely accurate and I kept it for over a dozen years until somebody borrowed it and forgot to return it. It … Continue reading

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Luxury vs. sufficiency

Most full size and compact modern firearms are sufficient for self-defense. I’ve carried a wide variety and, while I have my favorites, wouldn’t feel too poorly armed even with my least favorite weapon. However, the line is much closer when … Continue reading

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CZ612HC-P with Lucid red dot

612HC-P | Lucid M7 A nice combination on a budget.

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Thompson submachine gun in .22LR

The gun is essentially recoilless. The 30rd magazines come from Black Dog Machine.

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Protect yourself. Protect your hearing.

For a professional musician like Lauren, firing an unsuppressed  rifle can be a career-ending event. Rifle reports are all too close to concussion grenade (flashbang) noise levels. Taking them down by 28-40dB makes a big difference. So does wearing plugs … Continue reading

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Getting ready to use hasty sling for support

CZ452 Military Trainer.

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Ink and Lead

“Treaties may be written in Ink, but they are ratified in Steel and Lead.” Appleseed

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Knowing and understanding the past is the first step to securing the future. Project Appleseed helps us understand how America came to be as a free country. They teach the basics of marksmanship, too.

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Precision sporting pistol

Volquartsen Scorpion

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Capable authors are doing well

Peter Grant’s science fiction books (with my covers) are doing very well on Amazon. If you have not read them yet, this is a good time to order.

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KSG vs. UTS15

New on AllOutdoor.

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“Knowing Guns” now available on Amazon

Stu Chisholm’s book with my cover is now available on Amazon. There, you can preview some of the content.

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Smoking hot

1928 Auto Ordnance Thompson.

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Old portraits: Yih-Chau Chang

Originally taken for Concealed Carry magazine. Chau is a well-known civil rights promoter/activist.

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Sometimes, mobility isn’t an option

If you have to defend a fixed position — such as a home in the path of a rioting mob — having 150 rounds on tap can be very comforting. Armatac drums actually work very reliably and the supporting forearm … Continue reading

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